Your Phone Or Your Health?

So I ran into this Reddit post detailing this app for Android , called Tap Scroll.

Tap Scroll Is A Simple App That Just For Making Scroll Easier. When Running, A Floating, Draggable Button Displays On Your Screen, You Can Scroll Any App Just By Tapping The Button. It’s Extremely Helpful For Reading Lengthy Content, Like Books, Blog Posts, IM Messages, Social Network Timelines (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Etc) And So On.

With Tap Scroll, You Don’t Need To Swipe 10,000 Times A Day That Make Your Thumb Joint Sore.

If this is compatible with your device, give it a whirl. You can download it, free of charge, from the Google play store, here

Most of us use our smartphones a lot. With the benefits come some possible deleterious effects to the user.

We have the contentious issue of Radiation / Cancer , we talked about the Possible Impact On Vision, and now, there is also the concern about the Fingers Being Affected by the excessive use of these devices.

You could mitigate the issue of cancer / tumor by avoiding too much close proximity with the phone (using a headset to answer / make calls, not using the phone to call / receive when signal strength is poor – leading to increased radiation, using an app to alert you when a call is connected – since the greatest radiation happens when a call is being initiated, etc).

You can address the possible effects on the retina as we earlier detailed in this Past Post, or by simply using the phone less (yeah, right! ).

Now, regarding the Repetitive Stress to that thumb, we could use the app indicated above, or make use of voice dictation rather than typing on those screens ( many keyboard apps have that feature )..

Talking about tapping, while I would personally tap rather than swipe ( I once said The Kingdom Belongs To The Tappers ), swiping may actually reduce the likelihood of damage to your finger joints, as joint movements are markedly less sigh sswiping.

Another way to mitigate finge_damage is fie make use of a stylus in your text inputs. The Samsung Galaxy Note series of smartphones popularized the stylus, but you also have aftermarket styluses that can be bought. That would at least present calluses from on your fingertips that would otherwise manifest from excessive pounding on glass, or caressing it, in the name of swiping!

Whenever you can use your voice to get things done on your phone (instead of tapping / swiping), all the better. Just make sure the location is appropriate, to avoid giving the impression that some screws have come loose somewhere! Peeps have been hauled to sanatoriums for far less!

We know the smartphone isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so let’s maintain our cellular (cancer/ tumor) health, retinal (after all, Blessed Are The Eyes That Readeth ) and pharlangeal health as much as, and for as long as, possible.

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