You Are Obsecrated To Consecrate Your Secrets!

So, early this morning, a friend sent me a Whatsapp message as follows :

One of my banks illegally removed ₦615 again from my current account balance yesterday.

XYZ-Bank magic. ….

No records of transactions concerning the addition or removal. It is only the balance that is changed.

They returned part of it today. Only ₦115 is missing

Now, he had earlier complained about something similar a few days ago..

I discovered yesterday morning that my XYZ-bank current account balance was short of ₦600

I checked my statement and there was no entry of such amount in it.

My response, three days ago, was,

Sometimes, a platform like KongaPay has a way of performing similar magic. Took me some time to get used to it.

You would see a reduced bank balance, then the actual entry for the transaction may come in three days later. Perhaps this is what you are experiencing.

I think the bank sorts of keep that balance in a suspense account. The transaction amount is actually debited much later.

Numerous times I perform a transaction, it doesn’t figure in the bank statement on the app, but the balance reduces: Later on, I would get an SMS and the entry appears, and everything balances out…

Anyways, vigilance is always key…

Now, with this new complaint, I am not sure my theory is correct… After all, we know Banks Will Steal Your Money, Like It Or Not.

As to what to do with this, someone suggested,

Maybe a report can be made to the CBN Complaint Desk , or complain to the Accounts Officer first..

In bringing this banking anomaly to a Whatsapp Group I belong to – for information, I merely copied the direct messages of this complaint, and pasted. The name featured in the copied messages..

Someone felt this was not good enough – privacy issues, bla bla… private conversation being posted on a public group.

If a private conversation  with a friend is posted verbatim, publicly, I would be extremely circumspect  about the kind of conversations I have with such  “friends”

I think this is paranoia talking..

I responded,

This is anonymized data.

The person with this banking complaint isn’t known to any of us, apart from me. Even if he is, there is nothing in this conversation we had that can be considered secret by any stretch of imagination, or can it?

Perhaps we should stop having conversations online for fear of our ‘secrets’ being screenshot and posted on Facebook?? 🤔

To the one who further said,

In this age, it is always good to watch what we discuss with anybody.

I responded,

How are you so sure your smartphone isn’t recording all your telephone conversation and even videoing you and sending everything to servers in China?

Can you be sure I do not record all telephone conversation and subsequently use it any way I deem fit – say, fifteen years down the line.?

Your day-to-day,  face-to-face conversations – how do you know if someone is not recording with a smartphone – innocently placed on the table between you two ?

The only thing  secret nowadays is what is in your head, And You Cant Even Be So Sure Of That!

In this day of technology, Privacy Is Dead.

The only way to truly stay private is to completely avoid technology and any humans with technology.. In other words, be a hermit.

Someone narrated a creepy situation…

Recently a colleague was narrating a story about what she he got as birthday present for another friend . When I looked at an app on my phone back at my desk, there was an ad for the same product we were discussing.

This is for a product I’ve never been interested in, nor searched for online.

It could be purely coincidental, but it was very creepy.

The phone was probably surreptitiously transmitting our conversation somewhere, and that informed the ad that conveniently and timeously popped up

Welcome to Planet Earth. The world of Scary Technology Use, misuse and abuse!

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