Yes, the saxifrage does that. Because it grows in cracks in rocks, the saxifrage is often called ‘breakstone’


Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

― Bernard M. Baruch

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-Silence is golden.

-The empty drum makes the loudest drum.

-He who has a long face should not open a shop.

..are some popular sayings extolling the virtue of listening more than talking

In the article He Who Talks More Goes Far, I talked about the need to speak more than listen, be verbally assertive. Elsewhere, I said you need to Step Out To Stand Out .

Now, let’s examine the other side of this interesting coin. Patience, temperance, forbearance, two listening ears.. these have their advantages .

A Chinese adage says, he who treads softly goes far.

We have a local saying that, Soft Words Can Make People Give You Kolanut, While Harsh Words Can Make People Attack You With Cudgels.

Let’s look at the fable of the “The North Wind And The Sun
which illustrates the power of gentle persuasion over assertive force.

The North Wind And The Sun Disputed As To Which Was The Most Powerful, And Agreed That He Should Be Declared The Victor Who Could First Strip A Wayfaring Man Of His Clothes. The North Wind First Tried His Power And Blew With All His Might, But The Keener His Blasts, The Closer The Traveler Wrapped His Cloak Around Him, Until At Last, Resigning All Hope Of Victory, The Wind Called Upon The Sun To See What He Could Do. The Sun Suddenly Shone Out With All His Warmth. The Traveler No Sooner Felt His Genial Rays Than He Took Off One Garment After Another, And At Last, Fairly Overcome With Heat, Undressed And Bathed In A Stream That Lay In His Path.”

photo courtesy - ethicsalarm.com

photo courtesy – ethicsalarm.com

In many situations where a confrontational stance would achieve little and merely escalate a tense situation, a listening ear, “taking the wind out of the other person’s sail” through active listening, and a genuine demonstration of a willingness to get the other persons point of view speedily converts an adversary into a friend.

A sage says,

Agree with thine adversary quickly

Therefore, while there are definite situations where being calm and accommodating would have you discovering sound wisdom that the meek does not always inherit the earth , there are numerous other instances where a listening ear simply works better. Within marriage, friends and family, religious circles.

The ability to determine which particular track to take to achieve an objective.. at a point in time.. is called wisdom


  1. deoladoctor
    September 6, 2015 at 10:41 am

    All it seem, is summed up in that last word in the article. WISDOM. that to me, is the key

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