Why do women generally live longer than men?

Someone blithely responds,

Shopping for things doesn’t elevate the blood pressure, but paying the bills causes cardiac arrest.

A counterpoint came in the form of

Some men are heartless, literally lacking a heart, so they cannot suffer a heart attack despite a prodigious shopping bill

While there could be medical reasons (like a better feminine immunity system) why women generally have a longer life span, I want to focus on the sociological factors instead.

A woman commented that men tend to internalize their emotions more than women. They don’t let out steam in a bid to appear masculine. After all, men don’t cry, no.?

Photo courtesy - supportasista.com

Photo courtesy – supportasista.com

The idea is that, the bottling up would cause men to suffer from all sorts of debilitating diseases, and ultimately shorten their lifespan.

She put it this way,

Women speak up more…we express our emotions….we cry when we have to….we let out steam….externalise our content, these lighten us. Conversely, men in a bid to be “macho” suppress their feeling and emotions and internalize most times. If you check most deaths not caused by accident, arise from internal situations that manifest in some kind of illness…. then….kicking the bucket/

Another one, trying to ruffle feminine feathers said, ‘tongue in cheek’

Why women generally live longer than men? I think most men never really disentangle from the apron strings of a woman… either the mother, wife, sister, concubine. Some woman, somewhere.

He may have physically been severed from the umbilical cord tethering him to his Mummy but the emotional bond or dependency on females subsist throughout his life.

Check this out, all he strives to do is impress the female folks.

Smiling Businessman Holding Money Bags --- Image by © Corbis

Consequently , he would work himself to death to impress the females. He may deny this all he wants, but that’s his primary motivation.

In a world lacking females, I am sure men would live a lot longer.

As it stands, if the unending effort to please the woman doesn’t bring him down with ulcer, hypertension , the nagging on the home front probably would. Yes, men need the women… like poison!

You may want to read the Anatomy of female power, a book that shows how the women run the men ragged, and aground, with their silent weapons.

And, no, the internalization by men would be unnecessary if not for the indirect feminine stress by the women on the men.. to start with

There ended the banter.

Even in the olden days, when men were hunters, and the women folks stayed at home, the likelihood of the man dying earlier than the woman is high. He needs to exert himself more, physically, hunting for game.


Men EXPOSE themselves to more hazardous substances while working and willfully

Photo courtesy - insidify.com

Photo courtesy – insidify.com

take part in activities that are more damaging to health, (like violent sports) .

The woman would occasionally meet her demise during childbirth, but the men would be more likely to engage in dangerous sports, and undergo tasking adventures.

Modernity may have changed things a bit, but would appear that men generally live a more hectic life than their female counterparts, leading to their comparatively earlier demise. .

Perhaps because women have a bigger role in nurturing and keeping the younger ones hale and heart, nature has conditioned them to take better care of themselves and they have thus naturally evolved to live longer?

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