When It Is Not Cool To Be Hot!

If you can’t take the heat, get out of Qatar.

I have heard it said that there are many places where if you put an unlighted candle in a saucer in the open that candle will melt

So the news is making the rounds that Qatar has become so hot that cities. Government Is Installing Air Conditioning In The Open , in the desert country.

Say what?

“Is it not conventional wisdom that air conditioning is supposed to be in enclosed places”, I asked myself on hearing of this news?

Well, the situation over there is so grave that government does not have any choice than to do this. otherwise, their citizens would keep having heat strokes, and even die.

Like someone said ,

For the rest of the world, Qatar gives an example of what may happen if we do not curb emissions in time. It is one of the fastest-warming areas of the world, outside of the Arctic, and has already become unbearably during the summer months.

But this attempt at ubiquitous cooling is a Catch-22 situation since the cooling itself makes use of fossil fuel, further exacerbating the environmental heat.

Meditating about the heat in this desert country naturally brought my thoughts to our situation in Nigeria.

In Qatar, they have abundant electricity, so you have air conditioning everywhere you go. Now,imagine the situation in Nigeria where we do not have adequate electricity for even basic things!.

In recent times the level of heat we have been experiencing so far in Nigeria is higher than what we used to have in the recent past and it’s getting worse. With roads all over the country riddled with potholes and craters vehicles burn far more fuel in traffic than they use in actually moving in cosmopolitan cities. The incessant use of electricity generators by companies and individuals due to the electricity inadequacy is not helping the environmental degradation, either.
These lead to even more heat and pollution of the environment, contributing to global warming.

Imagine if Nigeria had a climate that is on the extreme like the chilling cold in Vladivostok, or the extreme heat in Doha? Obviously people will just be dropping dead here from hypothermia or heatstrokes… especially the majority who would be unable to insulate themselves from cold / heat, as the case may be.

The situation in Qatar also illustrates the stark difference between the thinking of one billionaire in Africa and another in the United States of America… The richest black man is investing in a petroleum refinery in Nigeria (when other countries are dumping fossil fuel for clean energy). Another in the US , Elon Musk, is working hard to ensure the world shift to clean energy and electric_based automobile (and making a roaring success of it !)

One is obviously thinking about making more money.while the other is risking his personal wealth to help address the issue of global warming.

Two billionaires, different mindsets..

Like they say, fortune favours the prepared. This holds true for individuals as well as nations. We should be learning lessons from the Qatari Heat Crisis and be proactive – both at government and individual levels.

While it may be cool to bury your head in the sand it is not so hot to imagine that problems will go away by just ignoring them.

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