Can a business start-up be powered by hunger?

Comfort, Not Necessity, Is The Mother Of Invention.

Someone wrote,

Broke people are often encouraged to be adventurous, start some business venture, not waste time looking for jobs where there are none, but create jobs instead.

But we forget to tell them no significant thing can ever been built on an empty stomach. None of my hungry startup founder friends are still running their ideas now. They are busy surviving instead.

The ideas that feed into great strategies come from a place of clear mind, a mind that isn’t encumbered by the heavy cloud of hunger and want.

No broke person can dream up, and implement a SpaceX or Tesla. Hunger only inspires survival instincts masked as startup idea. You are limited in what you can think up because a huge chunk of your mental energy is diverted to finding your next meal .

That is why people prefer to hire those already comfortable. They are likely to perform better on the job because they don’t have the mental baggage that is poverty.

When I finally left the life of scavenging and got a job, the first thing I noticed was how my thinking was way different from the guys that haven’t been struggling to survive.

I was astonished at all the amazing products/ideas that people who aren’t hungry were building. I was wondering why I never thought of those.

The reason is not farfetcheextract hunger addles the mind.

If we examine this long extract above, we realise Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs that was spot on. No self-actualization without first settling the stomach! Survival first before every other thing. Self preservation is primal.

Someone counteracted,

A broke person has the freedom to imagine and think up any thing he wants. However building them is a different story..

Why did elon musk migrate from south africa to canada and then to america. i bet you if he had stayed in South Africa he would not have achieved all that he has, even while having all the money required.

Imagine someone saying those interested in diving into software development must not have money as their prime motivation.

But then, they need to make some basic income to get by. That’s not being money-driven, it’s simply survival.

Tunisia Has Guaranteed Income For Startup Founders.. Often, the difference between success and failure is the support system -the enabling environment, the infrastructure.

Only the survivors write histories.

Passion is said to be the reason for success in entrepreneurship but it is also the number one reason for failure.

Despite the greatest passion, can someone preoccupied with basic survival having thought, imagined, or visualized – bring those things to fruition before basic life worries take over his thoughts?. Support systems or ‘safety nets’ give you a leverage and puts extra bounce in your steps.

The Tunisian Example Is Worthy Of Emulation Here In Nigeria. More businesses will be able to better survive the embryonic/ incubation stage with those supports in place.

Passion is not enough.

How easy / possible is it to bootstrap without boots? Ross Baird – author of The Innovation Blind Spot: Why We Back the Wrong Ideas―And What to Do About It  doesn’t think you can.

This Guardian Newspaper Article is the basis for this compendium of sorts / thoughts..

The conclusion?

Government (especially), corporate organizations, Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, etc, have a lot to do to ensure that great ideas do not keep dying because the custodians of the ideas need Stomach Restructure..

It is clear that a Bill Gates or Larry Ellison may have been forced to choose a different life path if they were unfortunate enough to have tried to operate in disadvantaged underdeveloped areas of the world. Their achievement level would likely be different.

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