What’s Age Got To Do With It

Tina Turner asked, What’s Love Got To Do With It??

I am also asking, what’s AGE Got To Do With It??

There was the recent news that The House of Representatives on Wednesday abolished age discrimination against job seekers in Federal Government Ministries, Agencies and Departments (MDAs

Of course people have divergent views about whether this is a good development or not.

Aye or nay?

Someone says,

I think this is a good thing.

Age is not necessarily a determinant of productivity, depending on the specific job description or the sector..

I agree.

Another person thinks otherwise .

Hear him.

There should still be some restrictions.

Someone up to age 60 should not be allowed to vie for some job positions.

The import of this is that politicians would continue to install their stooges ino matter how old they get because there’s no age limit. Others will be doing the job while those will be there sapping resources and doing nothing.

Err, but. politicians would always put their cohorts anyways, irrespective of age. So, what has age got to do with that?

Bill Clinton despite his age still gives worldwide speeches and gets paid a bundle.

Warren Buffet of Hathaway is far older than Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook but the old man is not doing a poor job of increasing his wealth and making his company valuable.

I think the possible negative impact of age depends on the specific job description. However, in a job like computer programming, the fresher the brain the better the performance all other things being held constant.

Of course physically tasking jobs require young bloods.

Something else to look at is – older workers having a disparity between age expectation and productivity. Since productivity is a function of output versus wages, a younger workforce would be preferable ..all other things held constant.

But in the medical profession for instance, an older( presumably more experienced) doctor should have better throughout, compared to the younger counterparts.Conversely you don’t expect to see a 65-year old fitness instructor in a gymnasium.

Advanced age has a way of reducing mental as well as physical capacity. All other things held constant, a younger person has an edge but this is the era of technology where physical weakness is easily overcome by applying technology properly, and lack of mental rigor- as a result of age- is counteracted with the correct adoption of automation.

Basically this discourse can be narrowed down to entail the interplay of age (can this be translated to mean experience ?) or youthfulness (lack of experience?) on the job.

Unless senility has set in, age should probably not be a discriminatory factor in defining job adequacy.

Age should not be abondage,

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