What The Fingers Can Do, The mouth Can Do Even Better.

So someone recently informed me of how he is able to effortlessly dictate on his smartphone through the latest version of the GBoard / Google Keyboard Application and how accurate it has become.

He mentioned that this requires an Internet access.

Since I am not a fan of the more recent versions of Gboard (I use an older version Google keyboard which is by far more accurate), I was reluctant to upgrade to take advantage of the reported supercharged Speech To Text wizardry of the latest version..

Here is an article detailing the efforts by Google to make keyboard input more accurate and reliable than ever before.

Apparently, I was wrong in thinking that the future belongs to the tappers.. that’s too slow.. the future rather belongs to the speakers.

Why bother to type laboriously what you want to say character by character when you can simply say whatever you want to say and have it converted into text for you automatically?. No typing errors, no sore fingertips no repetitive stress syndrome. just bliss..

I have been on the android platform for 8 years or more. In the light of the Google strides in bringing dictation to their keyboard, I decided to. investigate the facility cacalled Google Voice Typing which appears along with the other installed keyboard applications. I have never investigated what this was about, before now, but now decided to give it a try.

I was shocked at the level of accuracy in the transcribed text. You don’t even need an internet connection for your speech to be transcribed into mostly accurate text. Just speak clearly and distinctly.

While TTS transcription has always been available on mobile and even desktop computer systems, the reverse of converting speech to text has never really caught my caught my attention… until now.

With the level of typing errors I see around me, it would seem most people don’t make use of SpeechToText

With the shocking level of accuracy of the STT conversion, it is very obvious that keyboards may not need to be all that accurate at swiping or tapping, as the majority of input could simply be spoken, amd transcribed..

There is an IME called Google Voice typing.

Choose that,and speak on, your speech will be converted into text

(You can also make use of the microphone icon on any other Android keyboard. Ensure internet connectivity).

I have never ever selected that option before now. Doing so was a true epiphany for me on Android.

If you want to make use of the already installed language pack, there may no need for a data connectivityy (at least not on my device running Android Nougat 7. 0)..

As far as I can see, punctuation and numerical input are the only things missing with using this Google Voice Typing, but there are applications specifically designed to handle this and that allow you to pauae your doslctation to input numbers and even punctuations as necessary, and then continue with the dictation..

Have a look at the article below – that highlights some of those applications on Android that make a good job of converting your gutturals to text…

7 Best Android Dictation Apps for Easy Speech-to-Text

Surprisingly the Google solution does well in noisy environments with bargain _basement quality microphones.

When next you feel like pounding on your smartphone screen or abrading glass by swiping, contemplate whether speaking your thoughts isn’t a better option.

Just like listening may be more effective than reading on your phone, speaking may also be more efficient than tappng / swiping..

Stay verbose.!

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