What Kind Of Man Do Ladies Really Want?

We all know how obsessed the female folks could possibly be when it comes to being meticulous about their looks. However, in recent times it has become commonplace for even the dudes to act in this manner. Men now want to look dapper so as to attract the best of women. In the time past this wasn’t the case but in recent times you just might agree that the media has sold women and even men quite a lot.

This is no wonder there is the craze for men to build the much talked about six packs and women would do all they possibly could to attract such guys. Some women find these body building guys really attractive than the regular sized guys. The question however is, could this be the case with all women? For women who aren’t moved by the body building guys, perhaps it might just be that they do not find them attractive? But are body toning guys really more attractive than the regular sized guys? Whilst some ladies would say they couldn’t possibly settle for someone who doesn’t have a toned body, yet others would do all they can to steer clear such guys as they feel men who build their bodies might be randy.

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Some ladies cry that whilst there just isn’t anything wrong with exercising the body so as to keep fit, shouldn’t it be done moderately? ‘Why must some guys go to the extreme of amassing some extra muscles?’, they further fume.

Either way you look at it, you just might want to agree that whomever a lady finds attractive is a pure case of “different strokes for different folks’. The burning question therefore might be; Ladies, what side of the divide do you find yourself? And for the men; Would you stay natural of build your biceps and triceps for ladies?

2 comments for “What Kind Of Man Do Ladies Really Want?

  1. WillyWest
    January 17, 2015 at 10:41 am

    Having a nice body build is the new cool in this generation, in staying fit however you can’t go wrong. Multiple benefits from a healthy body, stronger defence against diseases clothes fit better on you, a better self confidence and of course that wow look from the complementary sex. So work up those muscles people.

  2. January 17, 2015 at 11:36 am

    Not being a woman, I wouldn’t know what women want (most) in men.

    I would risk being stuck with a curare_laced arrow .. to opine that women probably don’t even know, either.

    But beyond reason, working on building your bank account is probably more advisable than spending hours in a gymnasium, building that six pack.

    Nothing makes a man more attractive than having enough wads of dollar notes to cook palm kennel successfully, with plenty left to spare!, and being profligate with its spending too!!

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