Views from South Africa – Do Nigerian’s Have The right to Determine DSTV programmes?

There was this report,

DStv yanks “I Am Cait” after Complaints from Nigerians

You can have a look at that piece of news item here

An extract..

For the second time, MultiChoice Nigeria has removed a transgender-themed show from DStv and GOtv . Last year, it was “I Am Jazz “, a docuseries on a transgender teen and now it is Caitlyn Jenner‘s show “I Am Cait “.

As always, there would be those for, and those against such a move.

Here follows a conversation, for both the proponent and opponent of this DSTv move.

The first salvo was from the one who feels you should live and let live, let adults determine what they want to say, view or do, even if it is detestable to the majority of humans.

“Can’t people learn how to use the parental control feature? What level of fuckery are Nigerians on? Laziness! and self righteousness”


“We are condemning depravity, and you seem to be endorsing Evil association, devilish communication, and irreverent voyeurism deprave minds I!..”


“Live and let live jare!”


“I have sex missionary style, my neighbour has sex with chains and whips, full on BDSM. Do I then say my neighbour is depraved? Because I’m not comfortable with how he chooses to have his sex?”


“You see the show, and called it depravity. I see the show and don’t call it that, I see the show and tune out because I’m not interested. That’s what a sane man does, that’s what a man who doesn’t want to police what my neighbour should or should not be watching, does.”


“Anyway, my initial irritation was not on what is morally wrong or right, my irritation was for parents shifting the burden of their parenting to a made for profit company. We get to pick and choose which programmes are right for our kids, not DSTV.”


“If I feel I don’t like the songs offered by Trace TV, do I start a petition to get them to stop the station? As I view it as depraved and able to corrupt my kids? To those people that loved the dynamics of ‘I am cait’, some of us have bullied them into succumbing to watch what we watch, what we view as the morally acceptable stations.”


“A pay for view TV where each individual chooses what he or she wants? Give me a break, we are morally bankrupt.

The meaning of depravity is what we need to agree on first. Let me lampoon you with a dictionary quite.

depravity >>

/|di’pra-vu-tee| Moral perversion; impairment of virtue and moral principles//”


“There is no culture that would encourage bestiality, homosexuality, transgender moves, pederasty, transvestitism, etc. We can all agree partaking is depravity. Encouraging is abhorrent. Most humans do NOT partake in these, so those are clearly abnormal behavior. No arguments.”


“My question to you, why would you want too encourage, or perpetuate what is clearly harmful to the larger society?”


“Yeah right? It is your job to parent your kid, not DSTV. Do you tell DSTV to yank the music stations? The news? TLC? Africa Magic? News flash, they all have various levels of depravity that are not right for your kids. You watched TV growing up, are you depraved now? No! Because our parents did an excellent job to their abilities of censoring what we watch.”


“I have never tuned to ‘I am Cait’, I’m not a fan of reality TV. If I believe it’s going to influence my kids in a negative way I use the parental control feature. That’s why it’s there.”


“It affects adults too. This is not just about the kid, brother man.”


“You cannot change into something based on what you watch on TV. If you fear your child is so inherently depraved that he or she will metamorphose into the big bad Wolf, then change the channel. DSTV cannot parent all the Nigerian kids, you can.”


“No, he won’t transition as he has no depravity to reinforce. It’s even laughable that some parents get to dictate what show is depraved and which is not, then to bully DSTV into yanking out those depraved shows. It really is some high level of fuckery.”


“Like I said, it can influence adults too. Adult sheep with wrong exposure become carnivorous all right. A matter of time. Besides, exposure to the wrong signal reinforces the depravity, which we don’t want. To quote somebody

what you repeatedly do (i.e. what you spend time thinking about and doing each day) ultimately forms the person you are, the things you believe, and the personality that you portray.”


“The adult that got influenced already wanted it.”


“How do you get to dictate what is depraved or not? How does what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their rooms lead to depravity? Because the Bible said so? The Koran said it too? What of the atheist? Those that have no religion? Do we tell the world to stop being who they are because some of us are not comfortable with it?”


“The sheep that moves with wolves, or watches what the wolves watch could eventually become carnivorous. It is like the Big Brother Africa crap. I totally support its being yanked off jor.”


“Gay folks have been battered left right and center with straight sex in TV and print, still their orientation doesn’t budge and you’re here making noise.

In other words, if you are made to watch hours and hours of I’m Cait, you will transition afterwards abi?
Is that what you are telling me?”


“Which adult sheep go begin chop meat at old age? An adult sheep turns carnivorous? I don’t think so. If an adult wants to transition into the opposite sex after watching ‘I am cait’, then that adult has always wanted to transition since he or she was born.

He or she only felt empowered by watching Bruce transform to cait, not influenced in a bad way.

Somebody picks up a gun and goes robbing, he doesn’t blame the many action movies he has been watching, all blame goes to him.”

The decision has sha been taken.

Live and let live, eh? Issorait

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