Variety Is The Elixir Of Long Life.

You are NOT what you eat.

Someone said,

There is a general reluctance to take responsibility for our wrong nutritional ( and other) choices. We then look around for extraneous things to blame, rather than acknowledge that the fault is strictly ours

To have a well functioning body we must have all the nutrients in the correct proportions. Just like the car not serviced regularly, or serviced with the wrong grade of oil, the impact will eventually tell on our body.

So if you don’t give your body the correct nutrients it needs, you have nobody but yourself to blame when the repercussion surfaces.

He concludes,

The way to get better in life is to make better choices

Sounds good enough!

Now, why would you, like Tesla cars or diamonds, want to last forever?

I thought it is said that, it is not how long, but how well? Eat what thou willest, is the Greatest Law.

Besides, we have had examples of notable Nutrition Experts like Late Elizabeth Kafaru and Engineer Olowu have far shorter lifespans that those who live(d) a nutritionally careless life.

These two individuals during their lifetime knew how the body works, why experts in what to eat and what to avoid. They both died not of motor accidents, armed robbery attack, malicious poisoning or gunshot wounds but of illnesses.

The one who would tell you how to use coconut oil to reduce the likelihood of high blood pressure had a stroke. An irony!

Perhaps, genetic makeup and providence have much larger roles to play in how long you live,and how healthy you stay – than what (or, how/when) you (do not) eat??

Just -perhaps.

Like that well maintained vehicle that got involved in multiple accidents that was totally unavoidable and caused by the other.oarty, you may get slaughtered in Benue, Plateau or Southern Kaduna. You could get killed by rampaging Badoo boys in Ikorodu, The hoodlums and cultists in Rivers could do you in.

It gets better..

Kidnappers in Edo, Delta pr Kogi may just and sniff you out afyet ransom payment -as you go about your legitimate business., .

If you escape all those, the stress in Nigeria alone should Dona great job in ensuring your early demise.

The point?

Meticulously monitoring what you eat or drink may just be an exercise in futility because there are far more other things outside your control that may ensure you have a very short lifespan in a place like Nigeria.

Just vary your diet enough, drink enough water, do everything in moderation and let mother-nature take care of everything else, and you would be fine.

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