There Is Virtue in Being Virtuous

I have just come across a list of virtues that are worthy of pursuit. These are Benjamin Franklin’s Virtues to live by.

– Temperance

This talks about moderation in everything including food, drinks, sex, speech, etc.

– Silence

Only speak when that speech would benefit you and others. Avoid trifles.

I would say, strictly adhering to this would make you a deadly boring person. I personally believe a balance needs to be struck between being excessively reticent and being unnecessarily garrulous. Any of these extremes is not advisable.

– Order

My late dad always said, Have A Place For Everything And Put Everything In Its Proper Place. A little effort exerted to put order would save you plenty of headaches and time down the line.

– Resolution

Be a person of resolve. Avoid vacillation. Be decisive. Be somebody people can rely on to keep his words and to keep time.

– Frugality

This is somewhat related to Temperance above. Waste nothing. Put efficiency into living

Wondering, though… how can FRUGALITY be a virtue? Nature itself is said to be ‘wasteful’.  But like energy not being destructible, is there anything really called “waste”, as EVERYTHING in life is simply transmitted from one place to the other – recycled?

There are valid situations where it is good to be a spendthrift…. similar to sowing copiously to reap bountifully. later.

Besides,  FRUGALITY is a relative term…  One man’s frugality is another man’s outlandish profligacy!

– Industry

Do what needs to be done without fail. Always be engaged in something useful. Don’t keep an idle mind so your hand doesn’t become the devil’s workshop.

But I would hasten to add, being smart at what you do is sometimes more important to achieve productivity than merely working industriously. In other words, try to work hard at being smart, too.

– Sincerity

We can smell insincerity in people from a mile off. Let your conduct and speech reek of candour.

– Justice

A man who would condone injustice by standing around while injustice is being perpetrated perpetrates injustice himself.

Do you others as you would like be done to. Mete out no injustice to anyone.

– Moderation

Very similar to temperance above. Excess of any kind is to be eschewed.

– Cleanliness

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness. Let a clean body house a clean mind and be resident in clean surroundings.

Tolerate NOT any uncleanliness in thoughts, speech, habitation, and all else.

– Tranquility

Maintain a calm mien no matter the situation. You are better able to deal with the Black Swans and other minor irritants of life.

Do not worry yourself over things beyond your control. Accept what cannot be changed..

Be calm, and know that I am within

– Chastity

Similar to Temperance

Embrace sensuousness over sensuality.

– Humility

There is something I like to call Arro-Mility. This is a combination of the words Arrogance and Humility.

Be arrogant in your confidence to always do the right thing and humble in knowing that you can always be better by not resting on your laurels.

Strive to be like Jesus Christ and Socrates.


But how about the virtue of Honesty ??

For me, this is the most important of the list of virtues worthy of emulation.

Not to be confused with SINCERITY (you can be SINCERELY dishonest, or have SINCERITY of ‘dishonest’ purpose).

Is it not said,HONESTY is the BEST policy?

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