Thinking is the hardest work there is. This is why so few people engage in it.
This is going to be a short one.
But, for those still in school, and even those stuck in the monotonous grind of paid employment, there is something to learn from this. The parents can also assimilate some salient lessons in guiding their children aright as they pursue a career.

So, an undergraduate in one of the Nigerian universities, iresponded to an assertion regarding the daily forced commute to work in mad traffic for many, and his expressed hatred of that kind of life.

Someone said to him,

Be prepared for this kind of life o. Unless you want to remain in yoor father’s house

Obviously, this is the reality of a 9 to 5 worker.

This undergraduate responds ,

Nope. …

There are other jobs/career outside working 9-5 . I am working already, just limited by my school commitment and I already average 50-100k monthly.

This can only get better.

I already wrote here about how the Lagos Traffic Is Killing 9am to 5am workers, slowly, who are fed up with the daily grind, hate sleeping late and waking early daily, with no respite .

Remote Working May Be The Answer.

There is recession in the land. Many people have essential monthly commitments beyond what they bring in. They want a way out, but can not find any.

Now, supposing you can work in Nigeria while earning your income in foreign currency? There are online jobs on websites like Freelancer, Fiverr, UpWork, TrueLancer, PeoplePerHou, etc. These are paid in foreign currencies. There is foreX trading, etc.

At ₦360 to 1$, Little Drops Of Dollars Truly Become Mighty Naira Notes.

This undergraduate also says,

Yeah, there is writing, Internet marketing, multilevel marketing, coding, Web design, graphic design etc.

The key thing is to find someone who is doing well in these areas to mentor you.

I have a course mate that was grossing 600k off writing during IT.

I have another guy who sells men health products to folks in Ghana and here in Nigeria.

Now, the question I asked myself is, how many people doing regular paid job earn good money while being in control of their work and life?

What are we teaching our children? What are we focusing them on? As a student, what is your focus?

This guy finally demonstrated he is a young lad with his head screwed on right, with this coupe de grâce when he gave his final comment on a daily paid gilrid of a job, and how it kills.

I had read that 9-5 jobs were slow killers,

I have seen my parents go through it, but it was when I experienced it first-hand during my Industrial Attachment that I réalisé how bad it can be.

I didn’t even deal with traffic but I was sleeping late and waking up early on cold mornings! The work was the worst part of it, it was monotonous…

Same thing everyday.

I concluded then that I was going to do something, and be more productive than spend a third of my waking moment stuck in useless traffic.

There it is, folks .

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