You Don’t Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression..

I guess this is true only if you are not Trump, Donald Trump.

The POTUS is famous for odd handshakes and outlandish body postures and dress sense. This has not in the least detracted from his abrasive and brusque personality. Actually, it is a famous kind of notoriety.

But then, if you are not Trump, you don’t want to shake hands as if you are trying to crack somebody’s knuckles or hold on too long, you want to avoid slapping peoples’ backs when you meet them (an invasion of personal space).

Effervescent or exuberant rambunctiousness has its time and place

In interviews (or business meetings), first impressions are important. Our handshake reveals much about our personality … and our state of mind! That’s what the psychologists tell us.

Handshakes are commonplace. Most people tend to trivialize the importance of performing this gesture properly and appropriately – so as to to leave a good (first?) impression.

Yet, when they present themselves in an interview, some candidates crush your fingers, others have sweaty hands, and some have a fleeting, disinterested or peremptory movement that leave a tepid impression.

Perhaps they have not learned how to conduct a good handshake?

Like kissing, this is supposed to be an art. And you get good at it by practising.

A soft / lethargic handshake is an unconscious behavior that could be related to a weak personality or our attitude of the moment. Our body posture reveals lots of information without a word being uttered.

It is rare for people to be completely attentive to the whole of their non-verbal communication (body-language), and very few of us acknowledge or realize the impressions they convey.

Yes; It takes some practice to be mindful of our body postures and simultaneously focus on the conversation at hand. Most of our bodily reactions are reflexive / unconscious. There is a delay of a few seconds, even a few minutes, before our thoughts, decisions and behaviors, which originate in our unconscious, go back to consciousness. During this period, the body has ample time to react.

In the context of a job interview, a candidate’s handshake can reveal a lot about his or her personality.
A firm handshake indicates, an assertive personality. A limp handshake basically shows a lack of trust, or difficulty in getting involved in the relationship, or, taking charge of situations confidently. When accompanied by a fleeting glance, a low chin and a drooping posture, all these signal a lack of self-esteem or confidence.

Often people get selected for something based on the perception, and niy necessarily the reality.

A person’s handshake varies very little from one context to another. An individual who has a vigorous grip will not stretch a soft hand the next day, and vice versa. But other signs can give clues about the mood of the candidate.

If his shoulders are facing you at the time of the handshake, this indicates a desire to interact with you, an interest. A sideways posture could indicate that the person already has his mind elsewhere, is in a hurry to leave, which is bad sign in the case of a job interview.

You Shall Be Addressed The Way You Are Dressed.

You shall be assessed by the way you shake hands, dress, carry yourself, sit and talk.

While where you live, the accouterments you adorn yourself with, the car you drive make powerful silent statements, the little things that money cannot buy (like the tenor of your voice, how well you hold people’s gaze, body posture. ) can easily give away your fears / inadequacies (if any).

The impression you create does live after you leave..

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