The vulture is a patient bird.

I borrowed the title of this post from a novel from James Hadley Chase, the late thriller novelist.

Slow but steady wins the race. This is the moral of one of Aesop’s fables, the tortoise and the Hare

The foundation of any wealth starts with a Naira note. This piece of paper looks very ordinary, buys you recharge card, a pack of gala. You ask yourself, so what what does it matter if I waste it, or lose it or throw it away? It’s just a mere Naira note.. perpetually losing value to inflation.

However,this innocuous Naira note could be the magic ticket to a more abundant life! The way people perceive / treat these pieces of paper makes a great impact on how they enjoy life’s abundant pleasures.

Wealthy people don’t think a naira “is just a naira”. They see it as potential seed with the intrinsic power to grow into a luxuriant money tree , bearing copious fruit to fulfill every of their dreams.

Repeat.Every note is a money seed with the potential to grow tremendously. Yes, I said that before!

Each naira note has the power to metamorphose, over time, into a mighty money tree . You can grow a money tree ….on as little as a naira a day. Absurd, but true. Perhaps you can afford to save one naira daily, right?

By following some basic principles, you will soon have a money tree, growing right in the center of your future dream home. Imagine branches of your money tree growing along the ceiling and spread into every room of the house. Every few feet along each branch are ripening money fruits which drop continuously releasing crisp one hundred naira notes.

As the ₦100 bills fall from the tree they float into money baskets throughout the house… day in, day out.. you hear ripening money fruits drop to the floor. It is comforting to listen to the rustling sound…round the clock.. a money tree producing unending fruits. A continuing stream of cash. Whenever you need money, you merely take whatever you want from one of the baskets of money fruits.

Who says money doesn’t grow on trees?

If you destroy an acorn, the oak tree inside also dies along with it. Every time you nonchalantly waste one of those naira notes, it’s just similar to destroying a money tree. That’s why it is so important to preserve and protect each of these money seeds.. those naira notes that you consider unimportant..

Don’t spend impulsively. You make effort to EARN money. You should expend even more thought before SPENDING that money

So, how much is one those notes (seeds) really worth? That depends on how long you let it grow, the rate of growth, and how assiduously you water these seed.

Supposing you take one single Naira and put it into a bank account that will let the naira grow, untouched by thieves, taxes and fees. How long do you think it would take for this ONE SINGLE naira more to grow into a moist tree? Surprise : A naira-a-day becomes Naira 1,000,000 in the span of a normal lifetime given consistency in investing

Suppose you had invested a naira-a-day starting on the day you were born?. This naira-a-day grows into ONE BILLION DOLLARS by the normal retirement age, say 60! . That’s the awesome power of compounding.

If you are interested in the specifics, grab hold of a scientific calculator, or use a spreadsheet application. If you are not handy with financial calculation and fall asleep on hearing terms line Future Value or Net Present Value, get someone who understands computations of this kind to show you what the saying little drops of water make a might ocean really means

Einstein said, “The most powerful invention of man is compound interest.” Sure, we have all probably heard this before and merely shrugged and continued with our lives. But taking an actual look at this magic, the magic of compound interest and money earning money, earning morning…would instill in us the frugality mindset. And a new disposition regarding how we spend.

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Some of us learn this open secret a bit late, but the younger folks with time on their side don’t need a lot of financial sophistication or wizardry to be rich in a few years. A little bit of delayed gratification, and we would soon be able to gratify many of our material desires.

The trick is to start to plant, EARLY, keep planting the seeds, allow them germinate, and not prematurely eat those seeds before they germinate enough..

Could you plant two or three seeds a day? Or five? Or ten? What does that do? Supposing you put ten naira a day away every single day and put it in the right mutual funds, or stocks or real estate and let things compound at 20% per annum, you would hit the million mark in just 20 short years !

Sure, nothing ever goes that smoothly, but you get the idea.

Many People Are Engaged In The Work They Hate, Earning Money To Buy Things They Don’t Really Need (Or Could Delay Acquiring), To Impress People They Don’t Particularly Care About.. A Rat Race Of Earn, Spend, Earn, Spend….

These people would be able to quit such jobs and live the life they desire if they would just let their money work harder than they do, by consistently investing, with the discipline to never ever eat your seeds until they have grown copiously.

Let us be like the vulture. Be patient with your investment, be steadfast and persistent like the vulture waiting to eat that cadaver, and surely, the power of compounding which becomes more vigorous the longer we wait, works in your favor, giving you baskets of seeds, also known as money..

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