Everybody appears to be trying to ‘check-out’ of Nigeria, turning the country into a supermarket of sorts.

OFTEN, it appears that the grass is greener on the other side. 

Did I not assert that the The Grass May Be Greener Where You Stand?

Many Nigerians, the unemployed employed professionals, skilled and unskilled artisans, almost everybody – wants to travel abroad,  believing that once the are able to cross-over, their lives would take a new trajectory – for the better. They want to be (permanently) rid of this ‘shithole country ‘

Middle to upper class Nigerians with fairly good income – midwives, bankers, doctors are not exempt from this fervent determination to check out.. This explains why the British High Commission is making a bundle from Visa Applicants – fees.

The ones that have not checked out already have plans to do that.

I just came across this CNN story…

Almost half of US families can’t afford basics like rent and food  which caused someone to cynically retort,

And this is the country numerous people are selling their properties, and leaving all behind, t
to travel to.

An extract..

Many Of These Folks Are The Nation’s ChildCare Workers, Home Health Aides, Office Assistants And Store Clerks, Who Work Low-paying Jobs And Have Little Savings,

The Study Noted. Some 66% Of Jobs In The Us Pay Less Than $20 An Hour.

Most people are just one paycheck away from bankruptcy!

To this, someone responded,

Very correct. Hourly pay is mostly in the range of $9 – $12 .

But you get health cover, you don’t worry about food. And security is mostly assured. You have credit facilities too. Your children have free education plus feeding up to High School.

It is clear many of the hopeful emigrés would be shocked to hear about this pay rate. Some would convert this to local currency and conclude it is good money, still – forgetting that you still have to spend that money over there.

Also, hear this…

Why The World’s Best And Brightest Struggle To Find Jobs In Canada examines why those hellbent on relocating to a place like Canada should adjust their expectations before jumping ship.

Dark Sides Of Canada That No One Ever Talks About is an article worth reading to realise everything that shines may also have its less lustrous sides as well . Just have moderated and realistic expectations.

Can You Cope With The Racism, The Vastly Different Weather Conditions the glass ceiling , etc?

In the article Debt of Nations  I talked about the shock a vacationing professional had regarding how expensive things are, contrary to the ‘easy life’ perception we have of ‘yonder’.


My take on the rush to exit the country.. every areas of the world have their positive and negative sides. It is important to have true knowledge of where you are moving to – before emigrating

Do not base your decision on hearsay. Preferably, you can talk to those who have lived in, or currently live where you want to move to – who would tell you the entire truths. Possibly, vacation there for a few weeks as well , first.

That way, you don’t end up regretting your decision..

Have a look at Nigeria’s Stressed-out Middle-class Is Trying To Leave In Droves And The Destination Is Canada

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