Lets begin this with a long quote.

It is often said, inside the Church and out of it, that there is something grotesque about lectures on the sexual life when delivered by those who have shunned it. Given the way that the Church forbids women to preach, this point is usually made about men. But given how much this Church allows the fanatical Mother Teresa to preach, it might be added that the call to go forth and multiply, and to take no thought for the morrow, sounds grotesque when uttered by an elderly virgin whose chief claim to reverence is that she ministers to the inevitable losers in this very lottery.

We often hear about the phrase, “The Joy Of Sex”. Can we talk about the “sorrows of no sex”?

Catholic priests and monks in monasteries are expected to live a life of celibacy. Celibacy would entail a life devoid of sex or even having s soul-mate of the opposite sex.

When you hear of reports as enumerated here and Cardinal Keith O’Brien admitting that his “sexual conduct” had fallen below the standards expected of him amid allegations of “inappropriate behaviour”, you wonder how feasible it is for most humans to stay without sex or a normal family life for eternity. Or, until they quit priesthood .

Men who ejaculate often are said to have less likelihood of prostate cancer, and the psychological and physical benefits of regular sex is well known and documented.

There is data to suggest that men who ejaculate more are less prone to prostate cancer, he says. “You could argue that it’s not so healthy to be celibate.”

Why are priests and monks then forbidden from sex, a normal family life and even masturbation?

Must you be celibate, before you serve God diligently? How did catholics come across the doctrine of mandatory celibacy, for reverend fathers and sisters, even when they are obviously not able to keep to it?

I am not sure you can really cheat nature. Asking the average person to be celibate for life is being unrealistic. There is an intrinsic yearning in every human to procreate. This is a well known and documented psychological fact. Denying it is a waste of time, and denying people that privilege changes nothing.

Men are driven by testosterone to want sex, says John Wass, Professor of Endocrinology at Oxford University. Women are driven to a lesser degree by a mixture of testosterone and oestrogen, he explains. “I’d regard celibacy as a totally abnormal state.

Like the inbuilt instinct for self preservation, there are very few exceptions to this norm Sexual instinct exists in creatures to ensure that they reproduce and perpetuate their kind. The cure to hunger is to eat. You deceive yourself protesting otherwise.

Perhaps a solution to the unending cases of sexual impropriety prevalent among priests regarding homosexuality and pederasty is to remove the requirements that priests neither marry, nor engage in amorous relationship. Let them marry, have a sense of worth as human beings., be able to celebrate their children’s birthday, listen to their child utter the first words, and enjoy other normal perks of parenthood.

Or, could it be that many (most?) people who go into priesthood and sisterhood are already gay / lesbian, or have that tendency, and they go in there to avoid being married and living a normal life?

Monasteries, seminaries and single sex dormitories could be fertile ground for homosexuality due to the paucity of the opposite sex or a prohibition of amorous relationships with the opposite sex.

There is the school of thought that lost of Priests break their oath of celibacy not because by hey ate forbidden, but simply because they lack discipline and restrain.

After all,


It’s all a question of conditioning your mind . Do you feel sexual urge for your sisters or daughters and your other close relatives no matter how attractive, and no matter how much sexual urge you have?

A response to the above could go something like:

It doesn’t mean inappropriate urge is not there. The important thing is not acting it out. I am talking instinct. When fasting , can we say the instinct or the urge to eat is not there? Denying the urge doesn’t eliminate that urge.

Hear this point of view too:

People attend catholic seminary schools and see what’s going on, probably get hooked and want to remain in the brotherhood and then enrol permanently for priesthood.

And that’s where the problem starts. I attended a Catholic school. Boys only. So many of the boys were already displaying gay tendencies before graduation. When your puberty years are being spent around other boys. God help you. I don’t even see a reason for boys only schools.

Could it be there are those who go in there to escape some emotional conflicts?

Would the removal of the celibacy requirement for Priests make headlines like “As Much As Half Of Priests And Bishops Are Homosexual.” a thing of the past?



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