It’s useless to hold a person to anything he says while he’s in love, drunk, or running for office.

— Shirley MacLaine

I am discovering that, even those not inebriated, infatuated or gunning for political office often can’t be relied on to keep their words..

After getting disappointed once again by someone who made a promise and broke it, I asked someone (who has been a bit around the block), in exasperation,

Do you have any idea why MOST people are not reliable?

Small promises, big promise, people simply promise and don’t deliver, and feel completely okay with , and nonchalant about it.

Perhaps I should check myself, instead?
I don’t understand it anymore!

The answer I got was,

Unfortunately, that’s the way things are. Most people just are not reliable. Simple things like keeping to time, they can’t do. It is unsettling!

I have stopped wondering WHY. I just accept it., and always factor this into my plans

Why are MOST people so unreliable?

Friends, colleagues, family would whimsically cancel appointments at the last moment, or even fail to show up for prearranged meetings! And wouldn’t offer a cogent explanation.

Could this be attributable to egocentrism,  selfishness, narcissism eccentricity or egotism?

Generally, these unreliable people fail to  take into account factors like the  preparations / arrangements that went into scheduling meetings, or the distortion to plans that unfulfilled promises engender.

He who wastes your time is worse than an armed robber who dispossess you of your valuables. While valuables can be replaced (easily), time is something that is irreplaceable.

I will call you back, expect my email by Monday, I will speak to my boss on your behalf, etc, etc. And then, these things are consistently not done; upsetting plans, fraying nerves, distorting projections.

He who would disappoint you in little commitments can not be relied on to keep big promises. But the problem is that no man is an island. If humans can be programmed to always act predictably, life would be so easy (and possibly, be uninteresting!)

Unfortunately, it takes all kinds of people to populate this world, and the inhabitants are not all at the same level of (spiritual) evolution. We can only keep prevail on people that Your Word Should Be Your Bond and simultaneously accept that humans would be humans.

In my formative years, I have always thought that unerring consistency, loyalty, respect for others were part of the personality makeup of people. But alas, as I get older, it is clear that these qualities are getting rarer to find in lots of people.

If you have friends, colleagues or associates whose words you can always take to the bank, you are fortunate… hold on to them like an egg – they are truly getting scarce!

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