So, someone opens up with this quote…

The Reasonable Man Adapts Himself To The World; The Unreasonable One Persists In Trying To Adapt The World To Himself. Therefore All Progress Depends On The Unreasonable Man…George Bernard Shaw

And a debate started with someone saying,

The country is wasting the talents of the youth. The youth work too hard, with the result not being commensurate with the amount of effort, leading to massive ‘brain drain’.

One might have to consider walking away from this adverse environment to begin afresh in another environment where things work properly.

The wise hunter knows you have the option of FIGHT or FLEE. Wisdom is knowing which is better, at any point in time…

PERSISTING in ADAPTING the world to yourself, no matter what, could be naive, foolish or counterproductive.

This was counteracted with the remark,

Relocating elsewhere is adapting ourselves to the world the way it is – that’s NOT progress.

What do we do when the likes of Donald Trump or BreXit proponents make life difficult for you abroad, for instance? Do you run back to a Nigeria that’s still not working or which has deteriorated since you left ?

The mother of all fireworks started with this impassioned comment from a contrarian,

I think Bernard Shaw has this twisted.

‘Persisting in trying to adapt the world to yourself’ is often like Elon Musk and other mad geniuses persisting in adapting Mars to human inhabitation.
It won’t happen (not as long as human anatomy remains what it is).

Yes, you could persist in running against a moving train, but it would remain a waste of time. In many aspects, Nigeria is a moving train. The way to persist is to move with it, NOT against that train.

Some animals are more suited to adapting and surviving in specific forests / environments than others, so prescribing a goat_like ‘persist mentality’ ‘ for all animals in a specific forest is pretentious, and could be counterproductive .

Taking exceptions to this comment, someone responded thus,

Progress in space exploration and travel has been due to the unreasonable man (your mad geniuses) and not people who swear it cannot be done.

Nigeria’s progress will not come from people who “dissolve into the problem” by riding along with this moving train that’s headed for a crash. Progress will be actualized by people who engage the moving train and/or its drivers in order to change its course towards an auspicious destination

Another chipped in, with an opening quote,

A country which prefers disgrace to danger is prepared for a master and deserves one — Alexander Hamilton.

I think it’s naive to expect that the kleptocrats (aka political leaders) will listen to our sentimental appeals and just change overnight. Let’s not forget that they’ve worked so hard to win the trophy (access to the treasury). They’ve worked harder to preserve their trophy than we have to hold them accountable.

The politicians are the train (problem), not Nigeria. And with sufficient skills and determination, even trains can be stopped and it’s occupants ejected and replaced. If this fails, it may not be out of place to derail it (with dire consequences for the current occupants).

We mustn’t go along with this train, progress comes with moving against it.

This issue of confronting a moving train…  Hear this….

Has Dino Melaye been recalled. Has Jubril Aminu not been summarily ejected ? Is Farouk Lawal still in the House, walking free? .

Compare and contrast, and you realize the system is powerful enough to crush you or protect you, as it serves its purpose, depending on your affiliations.

Institutional (im) partiality, no?

Progress is not made by committing suicide. You could carefully attempt to derail a runaway train, but not run headlong against it. Ask those who attempted to confront the system and where it got them.

There are wars you can’t win, even if you may win some micro_battles.

Defeatist? Maybe.

One of the wars you can’t win is turning around the mindset of a corrupt citizenry overnight, even with an upright leader..

I don’t actually think the problem of Nigeria is with the Ruling KleptoCrats. It is more with the citizenry.

Do we select these KleptoCrats objectively or with the mindset of tribal or religious bias?

I think the system would eventually correct itself – some day, but things would get a whole lot worse before they get better.

You can’t lead a bull out of a chinaware shop without some adaptation.. But are we TRULY willing, as citizens to have the bull leave the shop?

The man who would have us embrace courage, no matter the price,  submitted,

It’s an established tactic in propaganda to selectively compare unlike concepts in an attempt to derail an argument.

Needless to say, the train I refer to is not to be taken literally to mean an actual one.  Which human confronts an actual train? In the analogy, I used the train to represent the problem — politicians, or more accurately, dishonest politicians.

When we say,

Ask those who attempted to confront the system and where it got them.

I say,

It’s exactly this kind of cowardly mindset that’s kept Africans in darkness and perpetual bondage. Those who prefer disgrace to danger must remain as slaves.  

Look what’s happening in Zimbabwe!! Mugabe amended the Constitution to exclude women from becoming VP (after he sacked his former female VP) , now it’s almost certain that he’ll get his people to re-amend it to make his wife VP. A 93-year-old rules for 37 years and then anoints his wife to take over from himself!! What a people!!!

All these things are happening because they think it’s suicidal to confront Mugabe.

Confrontation isn’t always physical. 
There’s such a thing as DUTY. The martyrs of history were not fools.

Should the black South Africans have remained silent in the face of White oppression? Should the Palestinians abandon their Homeland? Should Christ have refused the cross? Do you not realize that some people paid the ultimate price for the Nigeria you have today? Were they all stupid?

A man who has nothing to stand for, will fall for anything. Life shouldn’t be all about eating and sleeping. It’s by refusing to die that we remain dead. It’s why some people never live.

That is some impassioned zealotry right there! Great points too.

But the wind was cut out of this deluge of verbiage sail when somebody drew attention to a pertinent point,

Let’s talk about this Cowardly Mindset which you so much vilify.

I would believe this vacuous oratory when you first say all these things using your REAL facebook identity, and quit hiding behind a farcical pseudonym.

Saying things as you see it no matter what, USING YOUR REAL IDENTITY is the beginning of COURAGE, brother. !

Words are cheap, see?

I particularly like the sound of,

//A man who has nothing to stand for, will fall for anything. Life shouldn’t be all about eating and sleeping. It’s by refusing to die that we remain dead. It’s why some people never live.//

Sounds all good and dandy, but tell me you were in Freedom Park, Lagos, during the Fuel Price Increment Protest, confronting armed soldiers with your bare chest , and I would take you more seriously.

Are you actually willing to die for what you believe on, or merely ssyong all these because they sound good and  politically correct ?

Depending on the color of your moustache, you may decide Nigeria is worth dying for, and put your life on the line, trying to make it work . You may also decode that dead men sing no reggae.

There are arguments for and against both mindsets.

What I believe that the current rot all over is only addressable when we collectively mend our ways. Pointing fingers at the politicians is futile when the man in the mirror would be worse given a chance..

Perhaps Bernard Shaw had a good point. Nothing changes by itself except you change it, and that is by shaping /adapting the world to yourself! You may avoid a problem by running away from it, but you can’t solve a problem with that same attitude ….

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