The Name That Is Above All Others ..

That’s yours!

We often have this happening again and again in work or social situations

You strive in vain to recollect the name of a person who got introduced to you at a function some days ago. You try and try, fruitlessly.

Remembering a person’s name is one of the key methods of Making Friends And Influencing People,according to Dale Carnegie.

A man’s name is the most sonorous sound to him. Remember it, call it often, and half the barrier is already broken.

The inability to consistently remember the names of people is a great handicap, while being able to do so opens a lot of doors..

You encounter someone at work. You make introductions, strive valiantly to keep the name alive in your mind . Alas, a few minutes later, you have forgotten! Embarrassment!

While we are not all gifted with retentive memory, this is one area you want to work on. There are different kinds of memory. Honing them all is good, but honing this particular one to razor_blade sharpness is essential.

Devices like smartphones, tablets and computers make the storage / retrieval of unlimited information trivial, but this is one area technology can’t quite replace the need for cerebral involvement.

Hear a confession,

We are slowly but surely evolving into cretins. Children are engaged in far less physical activities…Obesity, diabetes etc on the increase as we get comfy on our sofas swiping left right, up and down.

Stuffing in every sugar we can. My pot belly is a testament to the Comfy Arm Chair Syndrome.

I can possibly open a bottle of coke with my thumb these days as it is most active finger on mobile.. calluses all over.and propaganda on the rise whilst thinking outside the box is decreasing. Are we better off, who knows?

What is technology doing to our lives?

Procedural memory is the most reliable memory. This is the type of memory that ensures that even after 5 years of not riding a bicycle, we can still maintain our balance after a few seconds of wobbling.

There is the a form of memory called “working memory”. This handles things like remembering peoples’ names, among other things. This tends to deteriorate as we age.

Geriatric and senility things!

As we advance in age, we need to exercise our muscles for them to remain in shape. The brain, being the largest “muscle” needs constant workout. Store and then attempt to retrieve correctly – for fun!. Do this regularly

The ability to better store / retrieve names effectively can be stimulated by putting some strategies in place.


Like Ford, have FOCUS.

Decide that you want to remember things more, names inclusive. After all, It Is Smart To Make Your Brain Last A Lifetime.

When you concentrate on something, you are more likely to remember the details better.

Active Listening

is the trick.

Active Listening Is A Communication Technique That Is Used In Counseling, Training, And Conflict Resolution. It Requires That The Listener Fully Concentrate, Understand, Respond And Then Remember What Is Being Said. – Wikipedia

Clearly you can’t recall what you don’t focus / dwell on. Consequently, if you are disinterested in something, it is tough to recall later.


Humans learn by repetition.

Once you hear the name you want to retain, immediately repeat the name aloud (or in your mind). Asking details like how it is spelled (if it is an unusual or foreign name) , or the meaning /origin helps in storing the name firmly in your mind.

Showing interest to this level portrays you in a positive light by the owner of the name. The impression you leave is that of a very vibrant and interesting person. We can agree that, leaving that impression hurts nobody!


Generally the memorization of the name happens within the first few minutes of hearing the name. If it doesn’t happen within that period, it doesn’t happen at all.

Like earlier mentioned, repetition is important, but do this as soon as possible.


When you meet people, grab a business card whenever possible. This makes remembering things a lot easier. Since humans learn by repetition, by viewing the card later on – from time to time – the name is firmly embedded in your memory.


This is a trick we all used in school to be able to recollect things that we memorize. This is like a key to a storeroom.

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