This is a response to This Post which eventually ballooned into a full article.

Does it matter how a cat is skinned as long as it does get skinned?

Often, it does matter.

In certain circles, content the is certainly King. But not always.

For someone who keeps a physical Bible in his car (protection against accidents), under her pillow (protection against blood_suckling witches at night), preaching that content is king wouldn’t float their boats! This is about faith. Perception. Realities.

For them, reality is that the physical presence of a holy book protects them. No substitute would do. Would your smartphone / tablet serve the same purpose? No!

Content is not always the issue. You could easily conduct a religious service in your house, but doing so in a church / mosque (a building dedicated for that purpose) confers more solemnity on the whole proceeding. It is not just about what’s spoken or the activities carried out. The building (context) affects the message passed and how it is received (content).

When the Papal sprinkles holy water on devotees or lays hands on heads during a Roman catholic mass, it is not just about the act, but WHO is performing those acts.

Context is often important . Someone could say something and be applauded and another says exactly the same thing with the same words and be derided/ vilified. Same message, different messenger, different reception.

While The Robe Truly Does Not Make The Monk , it certainly adds tonnes of credibility. Someone better dressed for a role would make greater impact than another not so well adorned.

The messenger / vessel choice often impinges on the content, and can transform / affect the content potency / reception. radically.

Reading on tablets etc is obviously the way to go.

Ebooks have a Number Of Advantages quite all right, but there are many who would still prefer the physical book. The feel, the smell. The lack of glare. The satisfaction of turning a crisp physical page. Nothing beats those.

The post says,

Whatever platforms die and whatever platforms evolve into being, content is king and will always be with us. In itself, the book is nothing but a shell. We can afford to let it die.

Not really.

Compare this with the phrase ‘Investment Vehicle’ which refers to the method used to magnify wealth. While magnification of wealth is the objective, the method is also very important. Otherwise, it would not matter if the wealth is procured through fraudulent means like armed robbery, blackmail or kidnapping. The end does not always justify the means just like the content alone is not totally separate from the vessel used to disseminate that content.

Can you easily proudly display your endless array of physical books in your physical library with the same panache as the thousands of ebooks on your tablet? I think not!

Imagine a law chamber or a doctor’s library made up entirely of electronic books! I can bet clients would not have much confidence!

So, while we pay punctilious or meticulous attention to CONTENT, the CONTEXT or medium of content transmission must also never be neglected to ensure maximum impact!

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