From time to time, especially within this year, you hear of mass shootings in the US. It is as rampant, as it is indiscriminate, and as it is random.

Anyone would be a victim. Anybody at all. Just a matter of being in the wrong place at the right time.

Business Insider has taken the time to chronicle these unfortunate shootings, for this year.

It is scary.

Now, I once wrote that there is mutually assured death when gun ownership is completely liberalized. Yes, Violence Does Suppress Violence

Imagine the latest seventeen people gunned down. If some of the people in the vicinity of the massacre had guns, the shooter would likely never have been able to gum down that many people. Also, depending on neurotic or psychotic a murderer is, self preservation is an in-built human nature. If you know you would be quickly gunned down yourself, there is massive disincentive for going on a killing spree.

Being particular to Nigeria, the system cannot and does not even attempt to safeguard your life. Conserving your own life is primarily your personal duty in these days of unending kidnaps, robbery, car jacking and murder.

With reports like 80 percent Of Our Policemen Are Deployed To Protect Politicians And VIPS, Says Nigeria Police Chief, and the fact of 370,000 policemen to 170 million Nigerians, we can safely say it is foolish to rely on the police to enforce whatever laws or prevent crime. It is a pipedream. Sometimes, with the aid of technology (like radars, CCTv, etc), the sheer number of policemen may not be that critical. But there is general infrastructural deficiency, of which police equipment provision is a microcosm. Besides, our policemen are not noted for great efficiency. Actually, our Police Are Reported To Be The Worst In The World.

How do you stay safe in an increasingly violent world? Despite the best precautions, you could get robbed or abducted in an eatery, or have your car snatched on Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos, at gunpoint . And you would be on your own because the system simply can’t protect you.

More Stringent Guns Background Checks and Strengthened Gun Control Laws assume those who deploy firearms illegally obtain the firearms Legally.

If someone prints his money,and I work to earn my money, how can I hope to ever compete with him in purchasing power? The criminals or mentally deranged would get their guns anyhow, anyway.

Why can’t citizens also have more unfettered access to guns, legally? Isn’t it time our lawmakers took a deep look at this as away of checkmating criminals (take away their monopoly of violence by democratizing mutually assured violence) – and make the burden of the policemen lighter?

A gun for a gun makes us all safe.

My point of view!


  1. Seun
    February 24, 2018 at 6:16 pm

    Good point as always Sire, however it’s one thing to acquire fire arms legally. It’s another thing for it to fall into the wrong hands, besides who is to say that even when legally acquired the legal owner doesn’t snap and uses it illegally? Remember power corrupts.

    Plus in Nigeria with all the ills going on if the above scenario I have described plays out, we will just be swimming in blood. Lawlessness is already rife in the country, making gun acquisition to civilians possible will only heighten it.

  2. Ibukun Olaoya
    April 2, 2019 at 2:50 pm

    Well, if we apply the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) principle to this (mutually assured violence), things may actually quieten down after the initial escalation.

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