The FoolAni Tale – Crafted By Fools, Ingested By Cretins.

Recent occurrences in the Nigerian polity has called to question the ability of the majority of the people to think critically or rationally where emotional issues are concerned… like the issues of politics, tribe and religion, the three divisive elements bedevilling the country.

We had the issue of the COZA Pastor who was accused of rape and many people condemning instinctually- solely on the strength of a single person’s accusation .. without examining the narration critically or even being interested in any proof. People basically took sides based on gut feeling.

I think the narration by Mrs Dakolo, the Accuser -was full of gaping holes, and most lawyers believe it couldn’t stand in a real court – but only get a buy-in by some – in the Court Of Public Opinion.

Trust Nigeria to drum up one controversy one after the other. We have another .

Next, we have the “Fulani Herdsmen attack” hysteria – people now attribute almost any and all armed robbery attacks or kidnapping to the “Fulani herdsmen”.

Funke Olakunri was killed on Friday, July 12, on the Kajola-Ore road in Ondo state by those the police described as “armed robbers.”

The killing is being attributed to Fulani Herdsmen…

This arbitrary belief of allegations without proof (once it aligns with personal bias) is exactly what happened with the COZA rape issue, and is being replicated here .

It isn’t the hallmark of a truly educated mind to not examine facts on ground and come to a conclusion based on rational analysis alone, devoid of emotions and bias.

It is clear many Nigerians need to apply more logic to their muddled thinking process. When would folks learn to use their brain (instead of their hearts) -to think, and leave emotion, bias and sentiments behind …especially for the educated(?) folks….

HERD Mentality .. thinking that every criminal act is perpetrated by HERD-smen, because everybody seems to be saying so.. .

You don’t need to think anymore when others have done all the thinking for you, already..

A classic manifestation of mental laziness.

Despite some criminal herdsmen being on a rampage in recent times, is that enough reason to castigate an entire tribe, or believe, without proof, that every act of criminality in the country is by Fulani Herdsmen?

Nobody has said there is no criminality or that we do not have great challenges regarding our security. The issue is the stupidity in attempting to cause national disharmony in the country by ascribing criminality to a specific tribe. The kidnapping pandemic thing didn’t even originate with the Fulani. !

I’m not going to stand here and believe that a certain tribe or class of people are solely monopolizing the proliferating kidnapping and robbery occurrences and exacerbating the general security problems we have in the country.

I think only a closed mind would entertain such nonsense..

Here is what somebody said about the killing of the daughter of the Afenifere leader, Pa Reuben Fasoranti -and I agree with him entirely…

This was clearly a case of armed robbery or targeted assassination. It had nothing to do with ‘Fulani herdsmen’!

Herdsmen don’t wear hoods or cover their faces. None of those who were witnesses agree to the trending narrative of ‘herdsmen’. It is absolute hogwash – lies, rumours & more lies! It is such a crying shame!

Many Nigerians really ought to cover their faces in shame! We need to stop this nonsense and treat cases on the basis of what it is – as a crime!

The continual use of such divisive ethnic narratives and targeted demonization of groups as a tool for national disruption and manipulation using fear-mongering, is abhorrent and criminal.

People who continually engage in these are enemies of the nation.

Rather than continually dissipate national energies – pointing fingers we should collectively work together to address the security problems we have.

We have enough problems in the country without adding to it by pitching tribes against each other.

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