The Chinese Religio-Cultural ClampDown

In comes the news, China Bans Children From Attending Church Services


The continued crackdown on religious practices is a follow up on many other such crackdowns which also included Islam – in the atheist country.

Someone responded,

I agree that teaching religion to children religion is indoctrination and I disagree strongly with indoctrination in any form.

But I believe that people should be PERSUADED to leave religions voluntarily..if they are so inclined.. because they’re presented with superior arguments… and not by coercion…

Otherwise, we could liken this to  Saudi Arabia where Atheism is punishable by death.

I couldn’t agree more.

I added,

But then,  children get indoctrinated whether by religion or not.  Children are like an empty slate, and I feel the parents have the fundamental rights to shape them the way they want until they mature enough to sort out things in their minds properly

The question here would be a balancing of the absence of religion versus the perceived negatives of early indoctrination

Clearly, the ban is more about the Chinese government’s drive to be CULTURALLY INSULAR than about those religions, per se. After all, their  religions are not banned, too.

They probably believe that, when you capture the mind of a man religiously, you have captured his entire essence – politically, culturally, sociologically and even economically. This, the Chinese  want to avoid.

China knows that that children are blank slates, that religion is made up of the good, the bad and the ugly, and blank slates should be shielded from certain things until  their minds have developed enough to discern (adulthood).

Do you support the Chinese clampdown on foreign religion? Is religion capable of contaminating and debasing culture  ?

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