The Ban on “I pass my neighbor” matters arising

“Killing Me Softly with His Song ” is a song composed by Charles Fox with lyrics by Norman Gimbel. This is the song that came to my mind when I came across the news, government bans the importation of I pass My Neighbour Generators.

Now, government had been contemplating this for some time. Have a look

Listen to the reason adduced for this step by an immigration officer:

The smaller generators have been banned by the Federal Government because it is causing air pollution and destruction of our lungs and breathing system.

That is why they have banned it but people are still interested in smuggling them in, that is why we intercepted them.

That does not sound very bright to me!

Nigeria, generator

On hearing of this, somebody opined,

So, the bigger generators and rickety cars don’t pollute? Why focus on what the masses depend on to power their lives and businesses? The way to effectively “ban” all generators permanently is to provide 24/7 electricity

Next thing, those using a car older than ten years would be told their car cannot ply the roads anymore, and should be parked.

Somebody also stated..

This looks to me like focusing on trees instead of the forest. All these interminable bans.

What has been done / is being done about gas flaring ? How about the incessant pollutions by the oil exploration companies ? How about effluents and Industrial pollutants generated by industries on an ongoing basis, ruining and polluting the environment

In the past, things have been banned and unbanned and banned again. Like the banning of the importation of chicken and turkey when we are not producing enough.

Policy summersaults.

Do government officials truly weigh the economic and social impacts of some policies before deciding on them? Perhaps we need to think things through and look at long term solutions to problems rather than attacking symptoms (instead of the root cause of diseases.)?

Banning Okadas from some routes in some cities, and commercial buses not being allowed in some places in Abuja (causing indescribable hardship to the masses who don’t own cars and cannot afford taxis) are similar steps that are anti-masses. Providing “solutions” to a problem without an attempt made by those in authority to attack the actual disease.

Are the poor masses slowly but surely being snuffed out of existence? I fervently hope this generator ban story is false, or it would be reversed expeditiously,pending the time our electricity is fixed. As things remain, there is no alternative to those tiny generators, for the masses.

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  1. December 1, 2015 at 8:37 pm

    If true, then the govt. is biting from the wrong end.
    Fix electricity problem and all generators disappear for ever. (quote from deoladoctor’s Facebook comment on the article)
    I agree completely with this. We need to put our house in order first.

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