Tech Ventures never die; they just fade away!

This post was inspired by“>an article on Mobility Blog

Could it be that, the reason tech platforms don’t seem to last ( it’s everywhere, by the way, not just Nigeria) is because there is usually no sound business model behind most of them?

The entry barrier for online businesses is close to non_existent, and that could be why non business_minded people are able to flock in and delude themselves into thinking they are in business.

Are sites like Konga, Lumia, AliBaba not Tech Platforms? (well, they use technology to drive their businesses, don’t they?).
Why are Nigerian sites like Nairaland and LindaIkeji doing well while so many others flounder, and eventually drift into oblivion?

Someone could wonder why MacDonald is so successful selling mere hamburgers. Starbucks makes just coffee.

These two have been waxing strong for years. What does it take to make ordinary burgers, or, mere coffee?

Well, I think it is not just the making or selling of the burgers that’s so pivotal to success… it’s the business mode, or model, coupled with the thought behind those businesses.

Like attending a religious gathering regularly, your attendance is not the important thing.. your reason for attending, and what you assimilate and discard, are the key things.

Many businesses need to move their business (partly) in the direction of tech, innovate, or die.

Examples of thriving brick and mortar sales businesses (Konga, Jumia and a few others) have shown that online sales can work in Nigeria…

While brick and mortar businesses are moving online for continued relevance, online businesses also need to apply the principles employed by brick and mortar businesses, in order to survive.

Online business is just as serious a business as any other, and dreamers who think otherwise need to wake up to this reality.

Or, make history by being HISTORY.

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