For over two years, we at Deola Clinic have been involved with Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control (TBLC) Unit of the Ministry of Health, Delta State, Nigeria in the treatment of Tuberculosis under the Public/Private Health Institutions Initiative.


 Ours is the only Private Health Care Unit offering this service in Sapele and environ and one of the only two units having this facility in the town. The other unit being Central Hospital, Sapele, a State Government Establishment.

 Our involvement in this programme is borne out of our burning desire to see a healthy environment and a disease free population. We know we cannot do it all, but we believe that when we add our own to the efforts of others, big things can be achieved for the good of mankind, at least in the health arena.


 Since 18th January 2008 when we signed an undertaking with TBLC, we have been rendering FREE Tuberculosis treatment following the guidelines of Directly Observed Treatment Strategy (DOTS) as stipulated by TBLC. This is not an income generating programme, rather, we commit time and human resources into this programme because of our desire to care for the health needs of our people. We have sent some of our workers for TBLC trainings and we are well positioned to continue working in collaboration with the State Government in ensuring treatment and prevention of tuberculosis.

 Our vision is not limited to Sapele or Delta State in Nigeria. We are also looking forward to partnering with any International Health Body on Communicable Disease Controls and Immunization Programmes.

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(This article was written in November 2010. Reproduced here for your information since our former website www.deolaclinic.org was taken down due to a takeover of the domain hosting by another people who promptly erased all that the previous owners did)

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