The older theory was, marry an older man because they’re more mature. But the new theory is men don’t mature. Marry a younger one.

— Rita Rudner


Music Star, Timaya, Recently Advised Co-musician Phyno To Forget About Marriage As It Doesn’t Work, Rather He Should Get A Child Outside Wedlock

Is marriage something to be endured or enjoyed?

Responding to this news, someone said,

Phyno, just ignore this nincompoop,! He thinks his style of life, ideology and living is what makes a marriage work.

Phyno, no mind this failure of a man. Go ahead and marry.. Responsible men keep their marriages. Even relationships have issues. Marriage is an institution and should be upheld.

Only real men and women are able to maintain this institution

Well, I tend to have a different thought about this. I feel each person should do whatever floats his boat. After all,
It Takes A Man Of Culture To Reject Some Cultures, and getting married is simply a traditional or cultural step which is not binding on all.

You need to ask yourself why you do what you do – marry.

Is it because you want to conform to societal expectations, for companionship, to have children, or what?. (For instance, the average Japanese nubile boy / girl is totally disnintsrested in matters of the heart – marrying! )

For every positives, there are negatives. Someone like Timaya may have analyzed the negatives versus the positives, and decided marriage is not worth the hassles for him.

His choice.

And no, there is no relationship between being responsible and being married.


There are irresponsible married people, and very responsible unmarried people .

But then, as mentioned earlier, the decision is mostly about weighing the pros and cons of getting / being married.

A random content from a die hard eligible spinster, who is unwilling to g into the cage called marriage,

Blockquote>Heightened blood pressure, higher cholesterol levels, and increased BMi all elevate the risk of heart disease.

Cardiovascular health seems to be directly linked to stress levels, and unhappily married people who are seem to be especially affected.

Hear someone,

humans are born to be social animals. It’s natural, Notice thay worst punishment of the prison is to be isolated from the outside society.

Personally, I believe marriage is just aa necessary, just as we need life insurance,

To stay alive, stay single? However, there are also studies proving that being married makes coping with life’s challenges easier, and that promotes longevity. Of course, it depends on the level of harmony in the specific marriage .

Have a look at the pros and cons of being / staying married, and choose you own poison.

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