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We recently created a WhatsApp Group for my secondary school old schoolmates. As an admin of that group, I am charged with populating the membership. This entails getting the phone numbers of old school mates.

Of course, Facebook has been the primary source of achieving that. I simply ask those that I am friends with on Facebook, and add them to the Whatsapp Group.

Those added to the group are encouraged to also supply the phone numbers of old schoolmates they are in touch with.

The number of members has thus grown quite rapidly.

In carrying out this exercise, something striking occurred to me…

Practically like 80% or more.of my schoolmates have left the shores of the country, and did this long ago. Their phone numbers with different international dialing codes revealed that fact. From London, to Cairo, to Canada to Johannesburg, these old schoolmates have emigrated, and found permanent residency outside the shores of their beloved country, Nigeria.

In my family, I have more relatives abroad than within Nigeria. Nigerians are said to the one of theist itinerant and most travelled in the world.

That’s worrisome. How does the country develop when its citizens do not contribute their quota to national development?

I earlier wrote an article Put Your Brain Where Your Country Is

Well, the following conversation took place as a result of the report that:

Xiaomi Tops China Market Share Chart In April, Sells Three Times More Phones Than Apple

And someone said,


These Chinese like their own o. Samsung has just 3.2% of that market. Expected


And the following conversation ensued:

This the diametric opposite of Nigerians, and our attitude. We hate everything Nigerian, including living in our own country. Nigerians are some of the most itinerant humans alive! Wetin dey bite our bumbum sef?.

No be our fault bros.
Actually, that’s just half of the the story. The Xiaomi is serious value for money, and that’s the primary reason for the WILD adoption. Now, they just spread their tentacles to all parts of the planet, and they would be widely adopted too.

Is it the American, French, and Italian fault that we hate things Nigerian? What do you mean it’s not our fault?

No, we Don’t hate Nigerian… We just don’t like that most things tagged Nigerian are substandard. Call something Nigerian made and you just know it’s inferior.

Those countries that have comfort CREATED it. And we shouldn’t run TO it instead. We should make our own country paradise too.

It wasn’t created by the people, it was created by their leaders.

China was like that, Taiwan, Japan. They were not built in a day. What are we building, and are we encouraging building?

When we keep pointing fingers at the Leaders for our failure as a country, I ask… don’t the Leaders come from among us?
And, again, is this not our collective fault since we choose these leaders from among us, Nigerians ?

The leadership is not the problem o..It is we, jare. Power is derived from the people.

Have you not seen people remove a King because people decided they had enough? This has not changed. No leadership emerges and stands without the people sanctioning it.

If the leadership isn’t the problem, why are we so twisted. It’s a vicious cycle but even every cycle has a starting point… A reference point. For us, I feel that, that reference point is the leadership.

Who chooses the Leaders? Ghosts?

When we don’t patronize the local manufacturers, how would they improve? Are we encouraging further investment and research in product improvement? An Afprint would make fabrics, and people would turn up their noses. How would they improve?

Innoson cars are not widely used.

Cost, durability, availability of parts, availability of after sale service… these are definitive choice factors. It has nothing to do with patriotism.

Self sufficiency won’t happen overnight, and not at all without continued widespread patronage

Widespread patronage isn’t driven by patriotism. Patriotism wouldn’t turn the wheels of commerce.

Tell that to the Chinese.. It does, all right .

Xiaomi, for instance, offered value at affordable rates, Chinese people adopted it widely making it the 2nd top in the world. There are MANY factors that influenced this, but patriotism doesn’t even make the list.

Low cost of production. China has one of the cheapest and available labor force worldwide A well developed materials industry is something China is known for. Strong research background, especially in science and tech. Strong government policy on entrepreneurship.

When people have a sense of belonging, sense of inclusion, promoted by the leadership, patriotism thrives

You are running off on a tangent. Now, let me bring you back.
You said,

There are MANY factors that influenced this, but patriotism doesn’t even make the list

I don’t think this is correct.

You need to study the history of the Chinese. They HAD a policy of, if it is not made in China, China would not use it.

That’s not patriotism?

About not feeling a sense of ownership, and that Nigerians will rather fly out to seek better shores, who chooses those leaders that fail to give a sense of belonginf? We. The people.

Contrary to your thoughts, leaders don’t choose themselves….the people do, directly or indirectly, and humans, Nigerians, keep them there., or, off the leadership position..

The Chinese leaders closed their borders to imports to forcefully encourage local patronage of goods and services.

If their citizens were so patriotic, why did the leadership have to be forced to buy local?

And you think we can’t do that, if necessary? Forced patriotism, if the people won’t hear word.. Simply chose the right leaders…Oga follower, and all these complaints vanish.

The Chinese leaders are visionary.. That vision is paying off today..The blame is firmly on us, the people.

Note also. We are not talking about the Chinese situation NOW, but rather how they got to this point, and the sacrifice they made to get there .

China, like Rome was not built in a day o!

You are romanticizing!.

If Nigeria closes he borders, we’ll be in soup. You are forgetting that the only thing we produce are our soups

Doesn’t mean you will totally shut the borders to ALL imports. Just stipulate that, the things we have alternatives to, here, must never be imported. That’s a start..

Doing what China did takes strong, focused political will and fiscal responsibility. That starts from the leadership not the followership.

But, you keep forgetting. It takes a strong and focused followership to choose leadership with focus na.

Sounds like a certain senator and his campaign on Twitter, right?

If Government truly truly bans chicken and turkey, for instance, and there is no way to smuggle them in, you want to tell me budding fish farmers won’t be further encouraged ni?

Even if you’re budding but don’t have money to expand, will the supply supply itself?

Supply always rises to meet demand… And not vice versa. Forget the negativity and excuses jor.

Banks would be more encouraged to go into funding for what there is obviously good demand for!

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