It was Monday morning. There was Joseph, a chain-smoking, smooth-talking, fast-toasting romeo of a guy who had just had his regular early morning dose of a packet of cigarette, embarking on a journiey to Lagos Island.

He boarded a bus, and counted himself lucky to have a ravishingly beautiful voluptuous lady as his seat-partner in the bus. This is going to be a beautiful week!

He immediately ruminated, then selected which of the numerous tricks in his ‘toasting arsenal’ to unleash on the hapless girl to find favor with her, and possibly strike a date.

This is certainly a great catch, he was thinking. Everything was going according to plan, with the damsel. already laughing his jokes, perfected over time. Heck, she has even given him her telephone number. Things are certainly looking up!

Joseph had a bout of sneezing, cough and catarrh, with a leaky nose throuhhoit the weekend, and only had some relief from these symptoms towards the tail end of Sunday evening..

He was counting himself lucky, again, that the embarrassing sneezing would have cramped his chances with this curvaceous beauty. Imagine blowing your nose while attempting to charm a bee off the tree.

Luckily, he hadn’t felt the urge to sneeze throughout the tête a tete until he felt a strong urge to sneeze suddenly overtake him.

He strenuously repressed the first sneeze, holding a white handkerchief to his mouth and nostrils. A second sneeze was threatening to come out, but he similarly suppressed it.

And then he heard the noise.. a very loud one, accompanied by a terrible pain somewhere in his head . He asked the girl beside him if she heard that noise, which was answered in the negative.

Joseph thought maybe his mind was playing tricks on him. Seconds later, he suddenly became unconscious, the girl raised an alarm, when shaking his arm vigorously yielded no result.

Joseph was rushed to the nearest hospital, where a CT scan revealed he had a bleeding in his brain. A principal blood vessel had ruptured due to the ruthless suppression of the sneezes.

He slipped into a coma days later and died shortly after.

Sneeze Aloud And Shame The Damsel.


Sneezes have been measured to travel at up to a speed of 200 mph, are powerful enough to rupture a blood vessel in the brain if suppressed from coming out freely, and can perforate the eardrums, and do terrible things to the lungs.

Hearing of this narration, someone said,

Yes o.

Sneeze aloud, and shame the damsel.

As a matter of fact, I kind of have this habit of making 9-11-month’ old baby just learning to walk lose their balance, and forcefully sit down with a jar, and cry.

This happens to them from shock, the result. of unrestrained unapologetic violent sneeze that I never try to hold back!

Listen to the experts,

With An Aneurysm, A Weak Part Of [A Blood Vessel In The Brain] Could Rupture At Any Time, Or Never Rupture At All—but A Sudden Change In Intracranial Pressure Could Cause It To Rupture

Can Holding In a Sneeze Kill You?

You betcha!!

When next you feel like sneezing, give it a good shot. Express yourself, don’t repress yourself. It could be a matter of life and death!

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