Setting The Political Bait With A Political Debate

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki is quoted as saying,

If Buhari Likes, He Can Stay At Home And Do The Debate By Skype Or Whatever, But Moving Forward, We Must Discuss Nigeria Publicly.

Anyone Wanting To Lead A Country As Important As Nigeria In This Century Must Be Someone Who Can Ably Represent Us In The Comity Of Nations And Has A Grasp Of Modern Ways Of Life.

The question is, if ably representing us in the comity of nations is as important as making a positive impact in the situation of the livres of the citizens of the country, right here.

It is good for the people to know the plans that their (intending) leaders have for them. But have we not had impressive articulation from politicians in the past, with little results to show for it?

Politics Is The Ability To Disguise Self-Interest As Public Good .

Someone responds,

Debates are mere talk shows.

Let the greatest talker win?

Now, if only all it takes to govern well is the ability to talk well, or communicate impressively.

No, I wouldn’t vote for someone because of, and in spite of, his oratorical munificence. I would look at his antecedents instead. (And this particular SP doesn’t look like the one we need at this stage of our national lives to make a positive change. Personal opinion).

It is have these political debates but those wouldn’t be a decider for me.

Performance at debates is one way to assess candidates. Yes .

This person has a good point when says,

At the stage of our development, let us hear them outline their plans – at least as a minimum.

In other leading democratic countries, political debates are normal.

Why wluld ours be different?

In the past, we have had presidential and governorship aspirants shun debates and still go ahead to win. (Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo and Late President Musa Yar’Adua come to mind).

Do these political debates sway political opinions materially in our clime, or do many of us vote based on ethnicity, religious and other narrow considerations?. I suspect the latter is the case .

His many (educated) electorates, by the way, listen to political debates?

Someone else opines,

When toasting a girl, you want to put your best feet forward. You wouldn’t want to highlight your weaknesses, would you?

If hair_raising erudition or ability to think extemporaneously is not your strong pont, you would be digging your own political grave, going for a political debate!.

Again, the fastest thinkers or the smoothest talkers aren’t necessarily the best leaders.. Qualities like integrity, empathy and an altruistic reason for wanting to serve – are more important

Perception is reality for many. But you shouldn’t elect based on perception.

A likeable personality, motivational speaker, a talker, like Fela Durotoye of PACT would simply MURDER a ramrod insipid personality like our current President – on a debate platform.

But that doesn’t necessarily imply Fela would be a better candidate, since talk is cheap…

Again, in relationships, when courting, the parties say the right things, watch their behavior to project the best image. The same way with political debates. On the podium, the combatants deploy everything in their arsenal to project a positive and powerful image.

But, the unseen, vitally important attributes, things like moral fiber, empathy, integrity, honesty etc are very difficult to judge on a political podium, and should not form the sole fulcrum of our decision on who to vote.

Those qualities can only be assessed from antecedents.

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