Selfies – The New Epidemic

I’ve often wondered at the rate people post selfies on social media. I even know a lady on blackberry messenger who uses nothing but selfies on her display pictures and these are mostly taken from hotel room toilets. I secretly nicknamed her “Toilet Duck.”  God forgives me.  But let’s face it. People take selfies so much even merchants take advantage of it by pushing out Selfies Sticks thus encouraging more selfies.


Practically all phone manufacturers don’t deem it complete till they put a front facing camera on their phones. Even camera makers have joined in and now placing a front facing screen on their compact cameras.       This selfies practice is taking on an Epidemic proportion.


The question on my mind has been: Is this not a thing bringing out our egoistic self?  Is it completely normal especially when taken to the extreme?



Now it has been confirmed by the American Psychiatric Association APA that Selfies is indeed a mental ailment. And they went further sub-dividing the condition into three categories.
a) Borderline Selfies
a) Acute Selfies
c) Chronic Selfies 

So from the quote above it looks like many people would definitely need a visit or two to the psychiatrist.

–  FALSE! 

It is a serious issue and I understand camera makers like Apple, Samsung etc are seriously considering removal of the front facing camera.

The above quote is also completely FALSE

All these false news originated from a Phillipines based news blog specializing on sensational news.
So if you get any sensational news, confirm first by finding out more on the topic before spreading the news. Google search is your friend and you can’t go wrong with Google.

True these news are false, but they are actually based on genuine concerns. The Selfies phenomenon is truly becoming epidemic. And I may not be wrong in saying it brings out the egoistic tendencies in us when taken to the extreme. It could even be a sign of inner insecurity in some individuals (like my “Miss Toilet Duck”). But while too much of everything is bad, who wouldn’t want to take that once in a lifetime Selfie with President Barack Obama or a Selfie with NASA space shuttle in the background.

Well guys, what do you say on this issue?

Let us have your comments in the comment box below.

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4 comments for “Selfies – The New Epidemic

  1. Eye_Bee_Kay
    June 26, 2015 at 4:02 am

    When I was forced to join Facebook years ago, an in-law used to tease me and ask how anybody can be on Facebook without a ‘face’. He was referring to the fact that I didn’t have a picture associated with my Facebook profile.

    Fast forward to today, I have only uploaded one picture of myself online. Same picture for whatsapp and Facebook. Nothing else.

    I have seen several people. In Facebook upload hundreds of self and family pictures to facebook!

    In my household, I am interminably accosted with my absolute lack of interest in taking pictures. And that explains why camera Specs has never interested me when assessing a smartphone, I only hear of Instagram, but have never had the urge to even visit the site. I would probably not notice the absence of a front camera (except in the rare Instance of needing a mirror app)

    I wouldn’t know why the world has gone so chauvinistic. It is often asked, what’s in a name? I would paraphrase, and ask, what’s in a picture?

    My wife observed that a married female customer is always changing the picture on her whatsapp, almost daily, skimpiky dressed, showing almost all her mama gave her! My retort was that she is probably advertising (a married woman o!)

    BlackBerry probably started the DP. And selfie craze, but far more capable devices have really poured gasoline on the selfie.taking Inferno.

    I am mystified jare!

  2. WillyWest
    June 26, 2015 at 9:55 am

    This one made me laugh especially when even game creators have been bitten by the selfie bug. Any fan of the Grand Theft Auto series especially the 5th installation has the option of taking a selfie of the game character he is using see >

    Its fun sometimes but other times its just an opportunity for an individual to show of her new make over, show off that (s)he’s in a fancy hotel room and if there’s a large mirror, its an opportunity to show off all the above including the phone brand (especially true when its an iPhone of course).

    Basically there’s always a trend for every era, we just happen to be in the selfie era so let’s live with it.

  3. Afewgoodmen
    January 5, 2016 at 4:39 pm

    Taking Selfies is the in-thing at the moment. Many even attempt the act even when there is peril to themselves.

    That being said, classifying Selfies as a mental act disorder is still too extreme. And it is great that you’d r site has debunked this news as a rumor.

    Personally, I felt the news was just too high-sounding and unbelievable. I’m glad that it is actually unbelievable. That makes more sense.

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