Someone says, “School Is Scam”..

While I agree completely that Schools Are Scam, I do not believe that schooling is #.

Devotion to life-long learning and self education is essential to continuous improvement but learning does not have to be restricted to the four walls of a conventional school system .

You can learn in a year (practically running a business) more than all the theory you can assimilate in a business school in 3 years. It is largely matter of your ability and willingness to be a sponge soaking up knowledge and learning from your mistakes.

Robert Kiyosaki, in one of his books If You Want To Be Rich And Happy Don’t Go To Schoo tries to push forward the idea that merely attending school is not enough guaranty for making progress in life or in being successful.. and that the negative programming that school entails is a cycle of thought that should be broken.

Here are some justifications highlighted by the one who believes going to school is overrated,

Spend 7 years in medical college then wind up as an Uber driver in Cuba.

“Pay to take IELTS Exams before you can travel out…”

Barely educated Igbo boys have been crisscrossing globally and doing successful doing legitimate international business.

Be called to the bar so you can start selling weave-on on Instagram. or peddling eggs from shoo to shop.

Get your Masters degree, then start driving tractors for Dangote Group of Companies.

be that brainy chick in University, study petroleum engineering and come out with a First Class then wind up being a celebrated actress.


Nothing In This World Can Take The Place Of Persistence. Talent Will Not: Nothing Is More Common Than Unsuccessful Men With Talent. Genius Will Not; Unrewarded Genius Is Almost A Proverb. Education Will Not: bq Persistence And Determination Alone Are Omnipotent.

Calvin Coolidge.

I think the basic idea being canvassed is to NOT see school an end but a means to an end.. knowledge, skills, information. Schools dish out knowledge but unconventional school ( the school of Hard Knocks and practical experiences in the real world) is much broader..

Now, I saw the answer to a question asked as to whether intrapreneurship is the fastest way to wealth…

Here goes, with supporting data,

No, apparently. . Owning a business is NOT the highest potential path to wealth…but just a path. 73% of business owners are said to earn $50,000 /year, or less So, a better potential path to wealth would be being an employee at any of the following companies: Top Accounting Firms :

Deloitte,PwC,KPMG Big successful technology companies :

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix Google, etc.

Obviously the more skilled you are from the highest level of schooling that you can get in the relevant sector, the better your chances of earning the big bucks in these highly rated companies.

Nonetheles, conventionalschools as presently constituted are not designed to encourage creative thinking, or running a business successfully in the real world..

The typical parent wants to send his or her child to the university without pausing to think if that is actually the best line of action given the realities on ground, or possibly the talent of the child in question.

Think hard about it.. would you rather spend a fortune in sending your child to advanced school to become a specialist (in a particular field) or would you rather expose your child to the real world and encourage him / her to be a generalist and carve out a niche for himself?

In these days of information superhighway, isn’t there some knowledge that do not need to be TAUGHT that can not be self_LEARNED by merely tapping into the awesome resources that the worldwide web represents.?

Elon Musk is not an astro-physicist, aeronautics engineer ot an automobile engineer, but is teaching those in those Fields one or two things, demonstrating that schools are overrated, and actually scam.

Do you blindly follow the platitudinous maxim of… go to school… study hard …get a good grade.. and then find a safe nice job with benefits?

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