Samsung’s TecTiles Plus NFC Equipped Cellphone Equals Magic

Yes. Real magic when this small sticker is placed near your Samsung mobile phone with NFC. Samsung calls it TecTiles. These TecTiles, as Samsung calls them, have a tiny nub of an NFC chip embedded within. Like other NFC stickers, TecTiles rely on near-field communication technology to communicate a set of instructions.

In a real life demo, Samsung placed a Galaxy SIII near one of these stickers attached to a business card and behold, all the business card information appeared on the Galaxy SIII. Magical isn’t it? And there is more. According to Samsung, these TecTiles will be sold in a set of 5 and each can be used for various things such as set a TecTile to set your alarm, check into a social network, auto-compose a text to a particular recipient, turn the phone to driving mode, and so on.

When you buy the TecTiles set, you get a free android app that works with the stickers to really bring out the magic. With TecTiles, you’ll be able to display a message of your choice on someone else’s screen, place a call, launch an app, open a URL, check into Facebook, automatically “like” something on Facebook, follow a Twitter contact, and connect on Linked In, among a few other tasks.

Samsung will sell a set of five stickers for about $14.99 with free Android app that is responsible for the actual programming. You can reprogram the stickers to your heart’s content, and the free app will work with the Samsung phones that come with NFC like Galaxy S III, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S Blaze 4G, and Nexus S. And the real good news is it works also with non Samsung phones that have NFC like the HTC One X.

This looks to me like samsung’s way of saying: “We lead the way in mobile technology”

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