Relegating Religion To The Graveyard Of Logic.

I have always wondered why it seems you have to suspend intellect, education or logic before you can be spiritual / religious.

Get some religious intellectuals to discuss anything that has some religious connotation and watch their “logic circuits” go to sleep.

Amazing! I always find this phenomenon intriguing.

There were two recent instances that demonstrated this clearly.

First there was this report Male Birth Control Pill Has Just Passed Human Safety Tests.

Rather than praising this landmark breakthrough as an additional contraceptive solution in controlling population in done areas that badly need this, here is the response from an avocational Pastor, a Masters Degree Holder,

God commanded that we should go forth and multiply. Yet the satanic agents will not stop introducing things that encourage formication and adultery.

This guy cannot be alright. At all, at all.

How can the perfection of another form of male contraceptive be seen as something that promotes adultery and fornication?

On hearing of this response I went into a seizure triggered by a paroxysm of boisterous laughter!

Yet, another curious one..

The 1953 picture of a few female students posing for a group photograph – dressed prim and proper, with knee-length skirt, no flesh showing – to temp Sons of Adam.

Yet another sanctimonious religionist ejaculated,

Female graduates of the University College Ibadan Before Satan Invented Nakedness.

Now, what can be ‘satanic’ about nakedness, given that we are all born that way?

Satan invented nakedness, how? Did shoddy get born with clothes on?

Further.. is there anywhere in the Bible or Quran where nakedness is considered sinful.? Why is it that, it is only when the female gender is involved that nakedness (even partial) is considered sinful or satanic?

After all, What Is Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander!

Taken to task for this line of reasoning despite his high level of education, the one who believes that nakedness is a satanic responded,

After Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. God visited them. He found them naked. God clothed them.

So if nakedness is normal, God would not have clothed them.

The Bible said man and woman after they got married, they were both naked and not ashamed. If nakedness is not satanic to an extent, why does a child cover his or her nakedness in front of his or her parents?

This man just dropped several notches on my rating of his intellectual capacity, likely the results of too much religiosity.

One study suggests that intuitive thinking may be one out of many sources that affect levels of religiosity and that analytical thinking may be one out of many sources that affect disbelief.

Have a look at this Wikipedia Article about the possible correlation between religiosity and level of intelligence.

There seems to be some link, and my own observation is that even with individuals with far above average intelligence, once matters that relate to religion come up, they seem to go down temporarily on the intelligence scale.

Are some people very religious because of their low level of intelligence and unquestioning belief in authority figures they believe to be higher than them spiritually?; or – is it religion that suppresses natural intelligence because ‘faith” does not entertain rigorous logic or too much analytical cerebral processing?

A true mystery.

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