Refineries Are Not Heart-warming But Very “Earth Warming”

So there has been this chest-beating with the Dangote Refinery coming on stream, soon.

Here is a recent report,

World’s largest single train crude distillation column berths at Dangote Oil Refinery This magnificent engineering masterpiece weighs 2250 MT (excluding internal trays); 112.5 m long; 14m wide and 13.75m tall and can fractionally distill 650,000 Barrels Per Stream Day.

Ordinarily, a “feat* like this will be praiseworthy as there aren’t many instances of similar.


Some people are setting up gigafactories for batteries to power electric vehicles.. others are busy investing in obsolete / earth-warming source of energy like oil. Different folks different strokes….

Predictably, people jumped to the defence of the billionaire, and the continued use / relevance of fossil fuel in general.

It would appear that you believe that it’s only one byproduct you get refining crude oil. If you consider the fact that there are many other petrochemical products needed in the manufacturing industry, you will look at this refinery in another light . Many of the things needed in the agrochemical and auto sectors are also obtained from oil refineries. There is a new Agrochemical company being built along Lagos Ibadan express way that will be commissioned next year. The owner said bulk of what they will need for now will be imported. But as soon as Dangote refinery kicks off, it will stop. Think about it’s value chain … a refinery will continue to operate for life.

Someone else commented,

Even the casing for the Gigabyte batteries will be made from chemicals derived from crude oil, including the synthetic fiber they use is today’s bumper, dashboard, engine oil, etc.

There are of course several by_products of petroleum, and the wide ranging use in numerous sectors isn’t in doubt

However, we have this penchant for putting our heads in the sand and ignoring problems unti they get out of hand. The greenhouse effect and the global warming is not a joke. It is real and if we have noticed, the heatwaves being experienced in Nigeria is abnormal. That’s a practical manifestation that brings home the global warming talk than any theory we read about

Qatar is now so hot that it is almost becoming impossible for humans to stay there anymore.

Qatar is so hot its capital city now has air conditioning outside to protect people from summer temperatures which soar to a blistering 115°F

This is primarily the result of climate change occasioned by human oil exploratory activities.Numerous countries are jettisoning the use of petroleum-based products at a frenetic rate.

The primary products of any refinery is petrol and diesel. The negative effect of continuing to pollute the atmosphere by burning fossil fuel would be humongous and continue to get worse. The problem won’t solve itself unless we make a u-turn collectively as nations and individuals.

Dangote and other capable individuals should be using their enormous wealth to promote and encourage clean energy in Africa. They have trailblazing individuals like Elon Musk to borrow an investment leaf from.. not investing in fossil fuel refining when much of the civilized world are aggressively setting deadlines for the progressive abandonment of fossil fuel use in automobiles. .

Starbucks is using biodegradable straws for example Polythene bags use is being discontinued all over.

News like Africa is leading the world in plastic bag bansis very heart-warming rather than “earth warming”.

We should should get on board with other progressive countries in the strive to reclaim the Earth, and stop glorifying mediocrity.

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