Someone wonders aloud,

Why do bad things happen to good people, and why do good things happen to bad people?

Why do we OFTEN have good behaviour unrewarded and bad behaviour unpunished?

I would love to ask God this, face to face, some day…

Someone responded..

Maybe because God is JUST and not FAIR. He shows mercy to whom he wishes


Just, fair. What difference?

How can you be JUST without being Fair? That made me scramble for my dictionary.

As far as the dictionary showed me, JUST and FAIR are almost synonyms, so you can’t really be JUST without being FAIR (and vice versa).

He shows mercy to whom he wishe

God being a logical God, there should be a LOGICAL reason for choosing who to show mercy.

This cant be arbitrary, or can it?

The conversation continues:

The wicked often live a LONG prosperous life ..
If humans are logical (I suppose) and we are supposedly created in HIS image, I would expect God would be super_logical as well. And allowing the wicked to thrive while even human society tends to punish such – seems illogical

The one explaining this inscrutability – goes further,

I actually believe God’s ways are ILLOGICAL and beyond our reasoning capabilities, and the only way to unlock it is by just trusting and obeying his laws and precepts without questioning.

I find that it is impossible to believe in existence of the omnipotent by rational and logical thinking…my brain just feels like it wants to explode when I personally cavort down that mystical route.

Anyone with a modicum of moral sense would be outraged with the pervasive injustices in this world. Worse than the suffering of innocent people is the fact that numerous humans remain indifferent. This is worrisome.

Being able to obtain a satisfactory answer to this age-old question would make this easy to live with. Until then, we can wonder and ponder. We could also take this righteous anger and convert it into positive energy to fight injustices or undeserved suffering anywhere it is encountered.

We should probably quit seeking for the answer to this question. We want an end to suffering. We need to have the audacity to not rely on God to come and fight our fight for us. Humans would solve this by insisting on justice, anywhere and everywhere, and stop perpetuating the opposite.

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

That’s the least we can do while accepting those beyond what we can influence.

Let us productively channel our disgust with injustices and transmute it into positive energy. Shall we fight the pain in the world with benevolence. 

That’s the way to stay sane, and work at entrenching sanity in this crazy world..

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