So, someone says,


‘I will never spend 350k on a smartphone’ is symptomatic of POVERTY speaking.

Pray that God bless you abundantly, and you would get used to buying even more ostentatious / luxurious items. 

May God change your poverty to prosperity

Of course someone picked up the gauntlet,

There are far more important things to do with money than irrelevant spending.
Remember we operate in a third world country where numerous people go to sleep hungry each night!

There are kids out there that  a probe of that sum will do a whole lot to better their future. why waste money for nothing when your excess funds can touch lives more useful ways?

THE original poster swiftly retorted,

It’s a normal thing that, when you start earning significantly more than you currently do, your preferences will also move upscale.

For now, you should get off your moral pedestal and disabuse your mind off the notion that those who buy luxury items don’t help kids or poor people. There is little correlation between the two, brother!

Your perception of what constitutes ‘waste’ is a matter of your disposable income at any point in time

The Law Of Conservation Of Energy States That The Total Energy Of An Isolated System Cannot Change—it Is Said To Be Conserved Over Time. Energy Can Be Neither Created Nor Destroyed, But Can Change Form

Some people tend to compare money to energy. That money cannot really be wasted, as it merely changes hands. It simply perpetually changes hands.

Very correct.

But then, we are talking about the hands within which the money circulates.

It is clear that some items are expensive not necessarily because of superior quality but for status. Do you really have to lug about an iPhone X and a Samsung Galaxy S which collectively would set that jobless graduate up in business?. Must you, mind Jeff Bezos, the Amazon kingpin choose to spend colossal sums in space exploration, when the workers are being literally worked to death to meet set productivity targets?

It is certainly inappropriate to determine for anybody what or how to spend his money. If you have the money, spend it as you wish. Enjoy the rewards of your labour.

On the same planet earth, you have countries with an overabundance of food while in some other areas, people are literally starving to death. scavenging to eke out a living.

This is inequity / inequality in play. This is life. The Pareto Principle at play.

All that can be done is for those who have abundant resources to be more circumspect / thoughtful, and do whatever can be done to channel wealth in a way that distributes it more evenly, and benefits miss people.

As it is said,

A Candle Loses Nothing By Lighting Up Another Candle, but the enhanced brightness benefits everybody.

Everybody benefits because, apart from greed,lack is the greatest inducement to crime.

When you patronise a highbrow auto-company, sew your suits in places that charge insane sums, all you do is circulate wealth within the same ‘wealth circle’. That does nothing to dent the ‘poverty circle’.

What we currently have is that the ‘haves’ hardly ever fraternise with folks the other end of the spectrum. Place of abode, worship, clubs, associations – there are class distinction, and these can only entrench the yawning chasm between the rich and the poor.

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