So I came across this thought-provoking writeup, stripped down somewhat to the topic under consideration.

10 Things that will happen when you leave Nigeria for the developed world (Developed parts of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea etc ) .

✔1. Your prayer points will drop drastically, not because you can’t pray anymore but because some things don’t need prayers to get done e.g a job, you need qualifications!

You’ll be praying much less about things in general!

I have picked just one of the ten points for focus, as it was the most poignant, for me at this stage of our national underdevelopment.

Without.meaning to step on any religious toes, what exactly is there to pray about when you have everything going for you, as a country, as an individual, everything you wish for, happening?

It is said that, to a carpenter, every problem seems solvable with a hammer.

When you believe that prayer is the key to every national problem, you tend to unleash spiritual solutions (prayer) unto  physical problems. There are things that ONLY practical solutions would fix.

Clearly this has not been working for us.. our penchant for ‘leaving everything to God’.

In the third-world countries, we have a lot of things to pray for. .. because we basically leave undone what we should. Unfortunately, prayers wouldn’t fox those problems.

Do you really need prayer in some climes.?? Aren’t you better off just thanking God, if you live in the more developed areas of the world?

Security, money, job, fantastic healthcare.. all taken for granted. What is left to pray about? What exactly would the prayer points be about.??

Is it surprising that the prayer warriors are all clustered in areas with serious  poverty and bad governance and abysmal standard of living?. Clearly there is a direct proportionality between the suffering of the masses and how religiosity proliferates among them. Innumerable churches and Pastors to provide succor to the teeming suffering masses!

Religion (prayer) is the opium of the POOR masses.

You are told to attempt to win physical battles on your knees, when should be up and doing!

Would we be right in concluding that people “serve God” more when there is tribulation rather than tranquility, scarcity rather than abundance, uncertainty rather than orderliness?

Seeing that you don’t need God to do for you what you can do for yourself, why can’t we, as a country, transform our nation such that.praying for.things like abundance, good heath, security, etc, would become necessary? Man, elsewhere,  has conquered most of the physical problems of the world . Through “doing it”..

Listening to leaders  asking us to pray for.the country have always sounded amusing. They should get busy turning things around, instead, through active proactivity in frontally confronting our numerous man-made problems!

Then, the multitudinous churches can be put to alternative productive uses (such as factories),  the Prayer City of this world can he be used better for mechanized farming, and numerous isle Pastors can then look for better ways to affect humanity!

I once asked,  Is Prayer The Key?  While it is a key, it just doesn’t open all doors . Let us, like Nike, Just Do It.

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