The difference between noise and music is the delivery.

You can sing abuses and get people dancing while you harshly speak the same words and get bludgeoned with cudgel.

It’s all in the delivery.

You can appear smarter, powerful, polite, more confident just by articulating better and playing a little WITH your voice and words!

No one wants to listen to a sing-song voice that abrades the eardrums. A beautiful voice saying beautiful nonsense commands attention to non, and you would gladly listen to it.

A lullaby puts babies to sleep, while a lackluster delivery sends adults to Netherlands.

Since perception is reality, when you are perceived as having a quality, that’s all that matters!

The World Provides A Listening Ear To The Man Who Appears To Know What He Is Saying!

It is all in the tone: the delivery, the nuances.

Try to implement the following in your conversations with friends, or at your next presentation, depending on the image you want to project.

You can easily appear either smarter, powerful, polite, confident, or all – simultaneously!

To Look Smarter

Just talk occasionally slightly more slowly to give you time to choose your vocabulary wisely and give a confident impression. Then speed up your delivery to send your listeners brain working overtime to catch up.

People who blab are generally perceived as being inexperienced. So no matter how excited you are to talk about such a topic, remember to slow down internally, even when speaking in staccato raid fire, whether during a conversation or during that important presentation.

And be sure to smile a lot, so do not sound too serious.

To Look More Powerful

Use simple declarative sentences.
Say what you think and think what you say. Remove all unnecessary conjunctions, adjectives and adverbs, especially superlatives.

Don’t insert meaningless sounds like, uhm, errr, etc. Instead, interject your speech with occasional silence while you think.

Pretty, poor, old ..are examples of adjectives,

extremely, incredibly …are examples of adverbs.

So instead of saying,

The dazzling and pretty young woman and her incredibly poor husband walked on the very old road

… you should be more direct and say something like,

The lady and her husband were walking down the road.

Note that the second version is more direct and so, has greater impact.

Can you imagine Martin Luther King saying,

I Have An Incredibly Wonderful Dream That Is Unmatched In This World


Would anyone remember that? Are you dreaming?

This same directness, simplicity and lack of embellishments is often encountered while reading passages in the bible, and is the prime reason many love to quote from it.

Other niggles to watch out for.. for more impact.

To appear more polite, don’t answer a question by a cryptic YES or NO. Always add a short explanatory sentence.

For example,

“No, I did not see her”

.. and ..

“Yes, I know Mary”.

This will certainly remind you of your lessons at school when you were little. This is more useful in a conversation, and do not repeat it with each sentence so as not to overplay things.

To better articulate, make special effort to emphasize words, especially the last sound of the word, which will naturally lead you to the following words.

One of the things that distinguishes humans from animals is the gift of speech.

Let us hone it maximally, efficiently, positively and productively.

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