Pay Peanuts And Attract Monkeys

So, someone posts a job advertisement for a Family Driver in Abuja – on a WhatsApp Group..

The meat of the requirements is as follows:

Education Minimum of Secondary School. Higher qualifications will be an added advantage.

– Good knowledge of English.

– Basic Mechanical skills (can change batteries, tires, spark plugs)

– Basic computer skills.

Expected Salary is ₦40,000 /month

That’s Forty Thousand naira a month, in Abuja, Nigeria. That translates to ₦ 1,333.33 /day. Unless the driver would be housed and possibly fed, it would be tough to survive on this kind of wage, without cutting some crooked corners.

I do not understand.

How will the person survive in Abuja, one of the most expensive cities in Nigeria on that stipend, coupled with the stiff requirements?

How would you pay a man, daily ( ₦ 1,333.33), what can hardly buy a Shawarma, daily, and expect something better than a monkey?

Must one use a driver, if one can not afford one?

There is this popular saying that, When You Pay Peanuts,You Would Get Monkeys . You want a presentable, educated, skilled driver, but you are not willing to pay living wages in an expensive city. And when that driver starts pilfering and stealing, you blame him.

Someone opined,

It is better for that driver to go into Lyft or Uber. He would make at least twice that much into his pockets, and also be his own Oga.

I agree.

In a country where minimum wage is ₦ 30K (and that would be for unskilled people ), ₦ 40k a month for a skilled personnel with all those requirements seems quite unrealistic to me. If that’s the going rate, that changes nothing .It is still exploitation

It is this this same kind of logic that would make Dangote Group employ Masters Degree Holders to drive his caterpillars, believing he is doing them favors..

Because the unemployment pool is wide, and widening by the day, prospective employers offer ridiculous wages , realizing that desperate unemployed folks without much choices would grudgingly still take the offer.

Then we turn around when the repercussion spits in our faces.

I am of the opinion that, if you or your company is not buoyant enough to pay decent wages, don’t employ monkeys. Otherwise, you are sowing the seed of undesirable manifestations down the line !

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  1. Seun
    February 22, 2019 at 9:41 pm

    People especially employers generally want to maximize profit or services at minimal cost. Its the first law of Capitalism. Such exploitative situations can be found everywhere. And its especially true when there is a huge population of people needing jobs or income. Workers union in establishment help to reduce this – the only voice workers have.

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