According to an online survey on sexuality, 34% of men admit to at least one extra-marital adventure, while 24% of women do – a figure that keeps rising on the side of the women, almost equaling and perhaps surpassing those of the menfolk! It was discovered that:

One Of The Major Changes Of Recent Decades Is Unquestionably The Close Similarity Of The Sexuality Of Men And Women. It Is Seen In The Number Of Sexual Partners Or The Diversity Of Practices.

Lots of modern-day women believe men and women are equal in every way possible.They certainly seem to be closing the gap on the men regarding sexual infidelity! There was this tongue-in-cheek “attack” on the concept of women being the equal of men in the homefront, with the attendant expected blistering ad hominem blitzkrieg from the women.

I Don’t Think There Is Anything Like Equal Partner In A male female amorous relationship. In Any Organization, There Must Be The Boss. Even When There Are Partners, There Must Be The Senior One. In An Airplane, A Ship,There Is The Senior Partner, And The Junior. In Marriage, There Is No Way There Can Be Equality In The Partnership.. One Needs To Be The Head (Can Even Be The Wife, Actually).I Do Not Think All These Equal Partnership Oyibo Concept Has Much Applicability In An African Society, And May Explain Why Marriages Based On Such Foreign Concepts Capsize Rather Quickly, Or Don’t Even Happen To Start With.Yes, I Am An African Man, And Wouldn’t Tolerate A Wife That Imagines She Has As much Authority As The Husband in the home !

This elicited:

Do You Empower Women, Do You Tell Them They Can Be The Best At Whatever They Chose To Be? Do You Appreciate Their Contributions? Do You Tell The Girl Child, She Can Be Anything She Wants To Be Or You Leave It To Your Partner To Groom Her For Marriage? Why Do I Think The Latter? You’d Rather Exist In A World Where You Are The Boss Of Everyone, Dishing Out Orders And Not Stopping To Care About What The Other Person Feels Or Really Wants.

Opinions Like Yours Are What Have Kept Women Chained For Generations. Opinions Like Yours Are The Reason A Lot Of Women Give Up Their Dreams Even Before They Start Realizing Them.

All Of Our Lives, We Have Been Sold The Same Mentality…Where Did That Leave Us? You Rather We Have A Master-slave Relationship. You Rather Shut Us Up From The Rooftops So We Can Massage The Male Ego.

A Man Who Knows His True Worth, Doesn’t Need His Ego Massaged.

You Will Rather We Take The Back Seat, So You Can Drive Just Because You Are Of A Different Sex.

Like men, the majority of modern women work. They are exposed to the same level of sexual temptation as their male counterpart. Financially independent, they know how to cope when their adventure leads them to break up. Above all, they have an equally socially vibrant life .. avenues for temptations are now as numerous for women as for men.

Under These Conditions, No One Is Immune To A False Step, Male Or Female

On the other hand, society’s view of these gaffes, the weight given to them.. is very different for women. Men and women tend to still believe that female infidelity is more serious and more detrimental to societal well-being.

The seriousness of female adultery, for centuries without pills, resided first in the possibility of a pregnancy. Men have no such concern.The sexuality of women is generally steeped in conjugality and emotion.  When asked about the number of partners they have known, women tend to speak only of those who have counted, while men declare the totality of their sexual partners.

The men are prompted to do this because, according to collective beliefs, male sexuality must be active and diversified. Men continue to be thought to have greater physical needs, while women are mostly concerned with the emotional. This stereotyping has its roots in individual and collective psychology. From childhood, boys develop a relationship to sexuality based on action and competition.

They are predatory, and lay emphasis on competitiveness. That is why they can be more easily represented in a strategy of conquest. Women are said to have a very different trajectory. It is they who are penetrated, they must be confident to open. Hence the importance of the emotionality in their sexuality. While polygamy is very commonly practised all over the world, polyandry is very rare indeed. India and Nepal and some scanty areas of Africa come to mind.When a man sleeps around, he is considered a stud, but a woman does the same, he is seen as a slut.A world of of iniquity, inequity and inequality

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