Nigerians Needs To work Smarter, Harder & Longer

Here is a news snippet:

Microsoft Japan office experimented with a 4 days per week work and productivity jumped by 40%.

Have a look at the Full Story Here.

The idea is that people are more productive when there is less stress on them .

Remember that the former Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha proposed a 4-day / week with Fridays  used by state workers for agriculture of any kind.

Someone thought that this approach is desirable in the Private Sector but not in the Public Sector because their services are quite different from the Private Sector.

Generally speaking, our productivity is extremely low, already,.as it is, despite working five times (and often seven days!) per week.

Like my mechanic told me years ago, “I am working from the time I wake up (wading through traffic from Otta, Ogun State to Ogudu GRA, Lagos), and back home – when I sleep at 11.30pm” .
This situation is similar for numerous people who wake at 5am and get home after 11pm, daily.

Reducing working period may not favour us as a country because of the numerous unnecessary national and state holidays already additionally take too much time away from actually productivity.

I spoke about that Here

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla has been able to show that, the more time you have to devote to your actual endeavors, the higher the productivity all things being equal.

One of the reasons for the higher level of productivity of the average Oriental Citizen – working in the Orients, compared to the Occidentals) is that they simply work hard for LONGER. Something like 5am to 8pm, instead of the 8am to 5pm in the Occidentals.

All other variables held constant, the one who works longer would achieve more than the one who works less, ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL.

In a county like Nigeria where workers grapple with problems that don’t even exist in other climes, talking of reducing the number of days spent doing actual work wouldn’t bode well for the country at all. By the time one wakes up so early to beat traffic jams, sleeps late, suffers traffic stress, cope with the work for the day,  the productivity suffers .

Couple this wirh too many events and parties over the weekend when they should be resting, we have the complete recipe for low productivity.

It is interesting that, while AliBaba Prescribes Working Long Hours To Stay Ahead, Microsoft Corporation (Japan)  seems to be experimenting with the opposite! Amazing because Japanese people are know to have a culture of hard long work.

A tale of two of two companies …

Nigeria is behind on too many fronts, so needs to work harder, faster, smarter and LONGER to make impact in the committee of nations .

Nigerians Are Not Lazy. We work very very hard. And also play hard

Perhaps what is missing is for us to create a conducive environment  so that we can have enhanced productivity at all levels. Until that kind of environment  exists, wilfully reducing the hours of working hours won’t serve a good purpose !

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