There is an old movie..

Never Too YOUNG To Die.

Looks like you need to make another,

Never Too OLD To Die.

There is a passage in the Bible to the effect that long life is a reward to a life of no blemish

The passage goes something like:

I will satisfy him with long life, and will let him see my salvation.

In other words, long life is supposed to be a gift. Why would anybody want to reject a gift many pray for daily?

Now, if most culture would consider long life to be a blessing, and most folks would love to live to a ripe old age, it came as a rude shock when somebody declared, with all seriousness that he doesn’t want to live beyond seventy years of age.

This conversation started with somebody announcing. :

AlanPoser: Guys guess what? now ships to Nigeria and lists prices in NGN. Computer Village

That’s a direct attack at

DengePoser: Do they ship OUT of Nigeria, and can one SELL instead of BUYING?

AlanPoser: What do you want to ship out? Garri? Do people still export charcoal? What else worthwhile do we have to export apart from petroleum?

DengePoser: Perhaps Nigeria needs its own to ship things OUT. We can export turkey, chicken and Bats.

Let’s start thinking of selling instead of always buying and making foreigners richer jàre. When I hear about all these merchant sites, I suddenly feel sleepy.

AlanPoser: We can’t even satisfy our local market, you’re talking export SMH

Imagine if Buhari was thinking like this, all his policy direction will gravitate towards making it happen. That’s what happened with China and Singapore. Now we flock there trying to do business. We have a long journey ahead of us.

DengePoser: Why else do you think his agriculture minister is counting the number of goats and chicken in Nigeria?

AlanPoser: That our President is senile jor. He wears adult pampers. What do you expect.

old man, death

DengePoser: You will get there yourself, become old, wear pampers and be fed like a baby. You will even whimper occasionally. A matter of time!

AlanPoser: Tufiakwa! I pray I’m dust before then. I’ve told my wife to poison me when I start to become vegetative. She thinks I’m joking, but I am dead serious. The day I stop holding a spoon by myself is the day she must kill me

DengePoser: That’s something o

AlanPoser: And I told her I want to be buried with NO fanfare.

DengePoser: That’s a good one, actually. Probably cremated to save some space

AlanPoser: I’m not kidding o. By 70 I want to have done all I can do. Don’t want to ever be someone’s liability. Then rest. I better be done with all I want in life by then. That’s why I married a little “early”

DengePoser: Bill Clinton is still pretty useful to himself and the larger international community o. And he is sure more that seventy years old.

By the way, how did you select that magic number sef? 70!

Looks like you have nothing to live for and everything to die for if you wanna meet the creator at a mere 70.

Why do you think 70 is not the time to start imparting and lending the younger ones the wealth of your experience?

Clearly, your life doesn’t belong to you (alone).

Spiritually, your life is supposed to belong to your creator (if you believe in one). You don’t own your life, so you shouldn’t terminate it.

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photo courtesy

Legally, your life belongs to the government. It is why suicide is illegal in most culture, and is actively frowned upon (the Japanese is a notable exception).

Would you therefore, for whatever reason, take your own life, or instruct somebody else to do so, on account of old age (or any other reason)?

Would this be right, and would the one saying he doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone in his old age be justified in taking arsenic when he reaches the age he wishes to call it quits ?

Can euthanasia or suicide ever be justified, or be the right thing to do, irrespective of the reason adduced?

I really don’t know!


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