A new report says Nigeria has surpassed India as the country with the largest number of people living in extreme poverty.

Here is the full meat.

Responding to this “report”, someone, a very vocal proponent of #ChangeTheChange, says,

Results are the ultimate measurement of leadership

The idea is that the current national government is directly to blame for the “increased rate of poverty”. There is little doubt that how well the economy is doing is predicated heavily on government policies, and how well the people are governing.

But then, finger pointing is the beginning of corruption. It is not just the government alone that determines how well the people are doing financially.

I responded,

By the way, how do you determine the poorest people.? I suppose you divide the size of the economy with the population of the people (which no one knows) to get the per capital income?.
So, how do you determine just how poor the people are when one person can steal what 100,000 should have, and the economy doesn’t collapse, despite?
The wealth distribution is heavily skewed, the fact that just a few hundreds are holding the entire loan portfolio of the country makes the attempt at a connection between national leadership and supposed citizen poverty a ridiculous stretch.
Is everything, even the rat stealing meat from the pot the result of leadership?
Is it the National Leadership, or the citizens / banking leadership that put all the resources in a few hands, pauperizing the rest.?
The whole economy (individual & national) could do a lot better, but it is pure romanticism linking it to (current) leadership (alone).

We are all culpable…

I once wrote the article, There Is No Recession; You Are Just Not Focusing Right, share I wrote about a guy saying people do well on a bad economy, and could also not do well financially in a vibrant economy, depending on what you focus on.
Are the citizens of the country truly getting poorer due for inept governance – or is just that the Wealth Skew is getting worse (the rich getting far richer, while the poor get poorer even faster)?

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