Men Will Cheat, This is Why.

More than once we’ve or read somewhere of that woman who burst into a hotel room to find her husband in the arms of another woman. Or the wife who was supposed to be away for a week only to come back unexpectedly to find her husband and her supposed friend solving maths in the bedroom.

Well it wont be the first nor the last time, stuffs happen but I’ve given it serious thought and I’ve come up with a few reasons why these scenarios wont end. So here goes in no particular order;

1) Boredom is a major factor why men would want to taste the forbidden fruit.

Here’s Mr Daniel who has been with Madam for some years. And in those years it has been the same items on the menu, Mrs Daniel being a banker comes home by 8:00pm tired from an exhaustive day and has to shower and sleep, Mr daniel has been home since 5:00pm, he’s warmed and eaten his dinner , but Mrs Daniel is in no mood for any wrestling under the sheets and its been this way for weeks, even if wrestle mania occurs he knows its gonna  be boring old missionary style plus Mrs Daniel has constantly added weight over the years.

Poor Mr Daniel, he has to contend with that voice telling him again “Daniel think out of the box, there’s Oha, Onugbu and Afang out there why settle for just Okra soup?”


2) In other cases some men just want to pursue that ideal. Yea am a guy so I know this to be true. Every man out there had (has) an ideal woman he fantasizes about. This woman has always been alive in his imaginations, for Mr Godspower it was a jet black lady with huge behind, round sizable bosom, thick laps and the lips of Angelina Jolie. He also imagined her to be a working class woman preferably a nurse who would be well mannered and tend the home.

However life doesn’t always give us all we ask so Mr Godspower had to forgo his ideal because no woman could have everything a man wants. He married Mrs Godspower who has some of his qualities of an ideal woman. She’s social and well mannered, has the Angelina Jolie lips, she has the right bosom but has the behind of a guy and is a primary school teacher.

Mr Godspower has never allowed this bother him until he suffers a concussion from a domestic accident and Esther a nurse comes to change his bandages.


3) To every guy before they got married or settled in a serious relationship, meeting and getting to know a new woman was like Dr David Livingstone exploring the uncharted, unknown dark continent. Its like an adventure you are encountering a new person and would like to know who she is, what makes her thick, what she does when she’s free, what kind of movies she loves or friends she keeps, what her aspirations are and so on. Basically its also like having a wrapped gift and wanting to know what lies underneat. Unwrapping this gift could bring companionship, shared ideals, business partnership, spiritual reawakening, breaking into a higher social strata, It could also bring disappointments, spiritual woes, financial down turn or trouble in an existing relationship.

Every guy yearns for adventure, not knowing whether a pile of treasures or a bucket of shit would end his search only adds to the thrill.


4) People like Princewill are rare, Princewill works as a sales representative and earns a decent income. He just got into a serious relationship, despite that he is a player with a bucketlist. He has set out to ensure he takes every kind of lady in his list to bed. On his list are the following kinds of females –

(a) An albino lady
(b) An athlete
(c) A book worm
(d) A churchy (SU) lady
(e) A mullato and so on

Princewill cheats because he wants to be able to say “yea i’ve been there, I’ve done that”. He’s a player with a bucket list, he’s a player on a mission.


5) Mr Efetobore has been happily married for 23 years, he still has that charming boyish look that reminds you of Dayo D1 Adeneye, Mr Efetobore was once like Princewill above, he however hanged his boots years ago to be a faithful husband and a good Dad to his kids. But now temptation has come his way in form of Titi who just joined his Law Firm . Titi seems brilliant, upright and a no nonsense straight forward lady. Everyone knows this but Mr Efetobore decides to lace his boots again just to see if he still “got it in him”.

Mr Efetobore is a type of man who cheats just to revalidate himself – A player of years gone by, call him a Player Emeritus.
So most cheating guys or men have one reason or a combination of reasons and no its mostly not always the devil who pushed them. What is universally true is that the lady in his life (wife or fiance) suffers neglect and the actions of the cheat might lead a promising relationship to the rocks.

Feel free to add your opinion or counter opinion on this issue.



Every name mentioned or scenario described in this piece is purely fictitiuos and any semblance to actual people or events is pure coincedence.

This piece though not exhaustive was written from a male perspective, it doesn’t make me a male chauvinist, doesn’t make me less religious than you and mostly doesn’t make me a cheat.

3 comments for “Men Will Cheat, This is Why.

  1. January 21, 2015 at 12:27 pm

    Good points…

    Despite, there are exceptional men who don’t…

  2. steve
    January 22, 2015 at 11:05 am

    The controversial Willy West back again.
    A debatable topic that has the potential to disrupt many comfort zones.

    How about having a topic on why men will not cheat written by the opposite gender as a rejoinder.

    • WillyWest
      January 22, 2015 at 11:24 pm

      Would definitely be an interesting read, looking forward to it.

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