So a notable politician says,

You cannot have a system which makes me spend N3bn to become Governor of a state and have the right to send the EFCC after me.

If I have two houses and the system forces me to sell one in order for me to win an election and by the grace of God I win the election, don’t you think I would want to replace that house or add one or two more houses?

Someone responds,

Even though this is from the mouth of someone I detest so much,this is words on marble, indeed

Another person with a burning passion to change this system for the better.says:

The politician who said this is a sick man.

They (dubious politicians) created this system they are blaming. No one is forcing them to do it. They resist the sane system of issues-based politics but instead focus on using violence and financial inducement to manipulate the system, and then come around to blame the system.

They don’t allow the party to run as should where members contribute money and instead promote anchor_men as godfathers in each jurisdiction so that it is easy to manipulate votes. They do not allow democracy within the parties so the parties can run like a cult with a set of capones.

We would change this system one way or the other.

How we would change the Money Politics that we run here in Nigeria remains to be seen.

Everywhere in the world, we know that he who owns the money (aka, POWER) calls the shots. Within politics, anywhere.

Like the blunt politician said, it is difficult for someone to spend so much personal resources without recouping the expensrs one way or the other. It is simply impossible.

Since there is no way to prosecute an elections without serious outlay of funds, it means the only alternative available to us to change this business is through crowdfunding, possibly with independent candidacy.

If the masses believe in somebody, they could form a party, collectively raise resources by contributing individual to sponsor that candidate. That way, the candidate would not have to expend so much personal resources to get to power.

We certainly have a long way to go, politically, and as a country..

If things are going to change ahead of 2019, this is the time to start effectuating these changes .

But are we really ready to CHANGE?

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