So, former Minister of Finance Kemi Addoshun Finally Resigned and left the country after the Certificate Saga

Someone opined,

I believe she is a victim (and not a culprit) of a corrupt system where artificial barriers around public service makes life extremely difficult for citizens.

It is an open secret that she was born, raised and studied in the UK and returned to Nigeria in her mid 30’s.

It is implausible that she will knowingly forge an NYSC exemption certificate when she already qualified to be exempted.

I agree completely.

A popular cerebral comedian. also had this to say,

Many people are getting this ex-Finance Minister NYSC matter wrong. She did not claim to have served.

She relocated to Nigeria after she had passed the age of 30. She was then advised to obtain a Certificate Of Exemption which she considered unnecessary because, clearly she had passed the age of serving..

Following advice, she proceeded to get the Certificate nonetheless. Someone said, since she did not serve, Because She Was Over The Age To Serve, all she needed was the Certificate Of Exemption. An inconsequential piece of paper (just like the President Muhammad Buhari School Certificate brouhaha).

They went and procured it for her.

The person who did, should have gotten her a legit one. Note that she didn’t need to be physically present to obtain an exemption Certificate.

Many people have insurance cover and Driver’s Licence despite not going through a proper driving test to get.

How about Yellow fever vaccine card?

Do you know how many people pick up their yellow fever card at the airport, only to reach destination and be told it’s not authentic.

Sound reasoning..

It is being alleged that the certificate saga may not be the real reason she was asked to resign / resigned, otherwise she could have done that two months ago after the story broke .

Thay it is merely a reason for letting her go.

It’s election year.

Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala also resigned during ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo’s time. She would not have come back to the same position years later (under GEJ) – if that resignation was voluntary.

Maybe. Maybe not. Conspiracy Theories.

I think that this Adeoshun case is unfortunate. She probably commissioned an agent to do the handling of the dociments. There is no law against some agent handling this for her.

Now, she has been bitten many years later.

Here in Lagos, you could buy a used car (tox) get one of these agents to register the car. Unknown to you, they may not pay the correct duties, and the licensing documents may have been done through the backdoor.

You will only get to know this when your vehicle gets impounded by custons officers when travelling interstate!

Which of us has never given somebody money in the past to get a driver’s license, to expedite procuring/ renewing a passport, etc? One of our prime problems is hypocrisy.

Holier-than-thou sanctimony

Most likely, the document was fake without her being aware.

I think we should have cut this ex-finance minister some slack! We have made a mountain out of a molehill.

Thankfully, she has done the honorable thing by resigning, although I still think it is a pity this happened.

For whatever reason, the system has succeeded in truncating her tenor as a minister, proving that no one is above this decadent system we run.

I asked myself.. could Kemi Adeoshun have known that the Certificate wasn’t authentic ?? Can’t this happen to just about anybody?

Someone says,

Ignorance of the law is not an excuse in law! She better come back and serve the term in jail as a forger!

It is an open secret that some government-related things cannot be accomplished (or cannot be accomplished speedily) without getting some ‘agent’ involved. Ostriches can dispute this all they like, but this is reality in Nigeria

The right thing to do is to insist on strengthen our institutions so that simple things like obtaining passports, registering vehicles, etc don’t get bogged down with man-made bureaucracies and artificial impediments.

Instead, some are calling that the former Minister be prosecuted and sent to jail!

While the rest of the world advance with Artificial intelligence , our own Natural Stupidity is stymieing the best brains we could have – in service.

Na wah o!

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