I once wrote that Finger Pointing Is A Form Of Corruption..

Here is an extract from a post making the rounds, compressed and summarized to save time of ingestion / digestion.

The Blame For What Nigeria Has Become Falls On You And I. Not Our Present Or Past Leaders.

We Import Substandard Products, Fake Drugs And Expired Baby Food Unfit For Human Consumption And We Have The Nerve To Complain About Leadership?
We Even Steal From Widows, Orphans, And Refugees. We Take Their Food And Sell It For Profit. No Conscience. Nothing Is Sacred.

Someone wrote a  Comprehensively Detailed Post On The Atrocities Committed By The Sars Unit of the Nigerian Police Force. Of course the vociferous demand for the shutdown of SARS has been raging (online) with the #EndSARS hashtag, and this post was just another post for the police authorities to do something urgently..

I am beginning to have the opinion that Nigerians are good at pointing fingers and dissipating energy on tokens.

Here is my comment on the post castigating  the SARS officers’ ubiquitous onslaught on hapless Nigeria’s:

I sort of have another (not different) slant on this.

We are all angry and shouting about the brutality of the SARS people. But how about the brutality of those governing us, killing us softly, relegating many to perpetual poverty, destroying the future of the youths through restricted access to education, making life hellishly difficult through wrong prioritization and misappropriation of funds, etc ? .

Which is worse, and more far reaching.. direct brutality / extortion of a few by a few, or the long-term mass and massive pauperization and psychological brutalization of the teeming masses through multiple taxation, and other daily injustices?

Someone once said, if you are threatening my source of livelihood, then you are endangering my life.

I would say ,he who threatens you economic prosperity threatens your life too.

When last did a Debtor Governor (owing months of salariés) get confronted when he takes it into his dumb head to buy SUVs for Senators whose compounds are already littered with exotic cars and can afford to buy new vehicles every two months if they so wish,?

Have we massively called for the forced extradition of the Diezanni’s of this country or openly rejected the tacit deal of non_prosecution of the principal thief of the immediate past administration?

Those thieves have brutalized us all, massively, in more potent ways than the SARS tokenist physical approach to oppression.

Shouting about SARS is good, but I think a more panoramic approach to our tolerance for bullshit is far better!

Our problems as a country stem from people using their power (by virtue of position, money, social standing, etc) to lord things over the less fortunate ones. it happens everywhere, at every level, covertly or overtly.

Give a man an inch and he would take a mile.

Give a typical Nigerian some leverage and he would use it to oppress and enrich himself, to no end.

The SARS officers using the power of their officially sanctioned gun to intimidate, maltreat or extort citizens are not any different from the typical average Nigerian (/politician).

It rains massively, people are stranded, and the bus conductor routinely triples the bus fare.  What if I didn’t anticipate this situation when leaving the house?

Or, it is late, you are desperate to get home, and that Okada Driver doubles his normal fare, capitalizing. Now, give that bus conductor or Okada rider some more power and watch him use it to his maximum advantage.

So, how is the average Mufutau, Dalai or Okechukwu different from the gun totting SARS terrorists?

We are (almost) all like these SARS men. Let us end the SARS in us all by being more compassionate and less selfish and power_drunk !

Food for thought! 

2 comments for “LET US END THE SARS IN US ALL

  1. Steve
    December 26, 2017 at 4:25 pm

    True talk.
    We cannot expect the Sars brutality to end without uprooting the SARS mentality in each of us. Nigeria will improve when individuals stop using position of power to extort and lord it over others.

  2. Tony
    December 26, 2017 at 11:13 pm

    This logic is difficult to debate against. We (Nigerians) are more prone to use our authority, position of power, leverage etc to trample upon those we are “superior” to. As a result, we all kind off have the SARS characteristics in us. Some have not yet reached that position so do not know what they are capable of.
    Fuel scarcity/hoarding/price hike etc is us exploiting each other.

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