LET DAVID CAMERON MAKE “Cameronian” statements ONLY!

Recently, in a conversation with the Queen of England – Elizabeth II, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron was credited with saying that Nigeria and Afghanistan are fantastically corrupt.

Of course, some people think it was an undiplomatic statement to say, while others believe there is nothing wrong with calling a spade what it is.. a bloody spade.

I belong to the latter category.

Here is the view of an Opinion Leader complaining vehemently about the inappropriateness of this Prime Ministerial utterance:

It is sad when supposedly respected foreign leaders disrespect leaders of other countries and get away with it. Such a shame that David Cameron will be caught making these crude remarks .

It is a show of the utter contempt Britain has always had for Nigeria. Sad that each president elected in Nigeria makes going to Britain a priority even for the flimsiest excuses.

We Should Not Forget As Transparency International (TI) said, Britain is the biggest custodian of looted funds from Nigeria and British companies in Nigeria helped orchestrate the raping of the Nigerian economy Before and after independence.

Well, this is not the first time Leaders have had disparaging things to say about leaders or leadership style of other sovereign nations.

David Mark once referred to President Moamar Ghaddaffi of Libya as mad man. He was saying the truth. Whether he should have used such harsh language is debatable.

John Kerry, the US Secretary of State also made disrespectful statements about how former President GoodLuck Jonathan was handling the Boko Haram issue, while Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama also had very strong words regarding the level of corruption in Nigeria.

Heaven did not fall.

My personal belief is that, these were all very correct statements, and those words needed saying the way they were said.

Photo courtesy - freekick.com.ng

Photo courtesy – freekick.com.ng

Concerning this last hullabaloo about the Cameronian Statement, someone opined,

This is what several years of mindless governmental corruption has brought upon Nigeria. I don’t blame him as we have brought this on ourselves. Nigerian leaders loot the treasury, go to to buy ultra expensive real estate all over the world, and acquire fancy vehicles instead of developing their country. These are all open secrets.

Another added,

Were we not all here when our President told the whole world that Nigerians are corrupt?. All that David Cameron added was “fantastically”
I am surprised people are complaining about this statement.
Cameron has not say anything worse than what the President has been saying about Nigerians. We are what we say we are!!

Is it not true that Nigerian leaders are fantastically corrupt? What he said is an apt representation of the situation of things in Nigeria.. nothing has changed or is going to change!

Was this statement disrespectful of the sovereignty of the Nigeria nation and its leadership?

Meanwhile, the Nigeria government has complained about the TENSE used by David Cameron.

The Presidency believes things have /are changing.

Mr. Cameron, still had the “old snapshot” of what Nigeria was before the coming of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to have described it as “fantastically corrupt” alongside Afghanistan.

Apparently, David Cameron should have used WAS instead of IS to describe the corruption level in Nigeria

Have a look at Fantastically corrupt: Buhari tackles David Cameron in the Vanguard newspaper

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